University of Pittsburgh

Date Event Packet Set Results/Registration Writeup
11/16/19 SAGACITY XV IS-189A Complete 
3/23/19 Battle of the Burgh XXII IS-177 Complete 
11/17/18 SAGACITY XIV IS-179 Complete 
3/24/18 Battle of the Burgh XXI IS-173A Complete 
11/18/17 SAGACITY XIII IS-171A Complete 
3/25/17 Battle of the Burgh XX IS-164 Complete 
11/12/16 SAGACITY XII IS-161A Complete 
3/19/16 Battle of the Burgh XIX IS-154 Complete 
11/21/15 SAGACITY XI IS-151A Complete 
3/21/15 Battle of the Burgh XVIII IS-144 Prelims: Complete
Playoffs: Game Statistics
11/22/14 SAGACITY X IS-142 Complete 
3/22/14 Battle of the Burgh XVII IS-134 Complete 
11/23/13 SAGACITY IX IS-132 Prelims: Complete
Playoffs: Game Statistics
4/6/13 Battle of the Burgh XVI IS-124 Complete 
11/17/12 SAGACITY VIII IS-118 Complete 
4/7/12 Battle of the Burgh XV IS-115 Complete 
11/19/11 SAGACITY VII IS-107 Complete 
3/19/11 Battle of the Burgh XIV IS-102 Prelims: Complete
Playoffs: Game Statistics
11/20/10 SAGACITY VI IS-96 Complete 
3/27/10 Battle of the Burgh XIII IS-92 Complete 
11/21/09 SAGACITY V IS-86 Complete 
3/21/09 Battle of the Burgh XII IS-81 Complete 
2/7/09 Sectional Championship SCT-09 and SCT-09DII Prelims: Complete
Playoffs: Game Statistics
11/22/08 SAGACITY IV IS-77 Complete 
3/29/08 Battle of the Burgh XI IS-72 Complete 
2/9/08 Sectional Championship SCT-08 and SCT-08DII Complete 
11/17/07 SAGACITY III IS-68 Complete 
2/24/07 Battle of the Burgh X IS-62 Prelims: Complete
Playoffs: Not Available
11/18/06 SAGACITY II IS-60 Game Results 
3/25/06 SAGACITY I IS-54 Game Results 
1/21/06 Battle of the Burgh IX IS-52 Game ResultsView
11/20/04 Pittsburgh Invitational IS-46 Prelims: Complete
Playoffs: Game Results
3/20/04 Battle of the Burgh VI IS-40A Prelims: Complete
Playoffs: Not Available