The Charter School of Wilmington

Basic Information Results Players Hosted & Sponsored Events
Date Event Packet Set Results Status
3/10/18 Charter Middle School Challenge MS-26 Pending
10/14/17 Charter School of Wilmington Academic Tournament IS-169A Complete
3/11/17 Charter Middle School Challenge MS-22 Complete
3/5/16 Charter Middle School Challenge IS-155A, MS-18 Game Statistics
2/20/16 Battle for Mid-Atlantic Dominance SCT-16 Game Results
3/7/15 Charter Middle School Challenge MS-14 Complete
3/8/14 Charter Middle School Challenge MS-10 Records
11/2/13 Charter School of Wilmington Invitational Fall Tournament IS-129A, IS-130 Complete
3/2/13 Charter Middle School Challenge MS-06 Complete
11/3/12 Charter School of Wilmington Invitational Fall Tournament IS-117A, IS-120 Complete
2/18/12 Wilmington Charter Middle School Invitational MS-03 Complete
2/11/12 Delaware Spring Open IS-110A, IS-113 Complete
2/5/11 Wilmington Charter Middle School Invitational MS-01 Complete
12/18/10 Delaware Fall Open IS-100, IS-99A Complete
12/12/09 Delaware Fall Open IS-89A Complete
12/20/08 Delaware Fall Open IS-82A Complete
12/8/07 Delaware Fall Open IS-69A Complete
12/9/06 Delaware Fall Open IS-61A Complete
12/10/05 Delaware Fall Open IS-55A Prelims: Records
Playoffs: Pending
11/13/04 Delaware Fall Open IS-47A Prelims: Records
Playoffs: Pending
12/13/03 Delaware Fall Open IS-38A Prelims: Records
Playoffs: Pending
2/1/03 2003 NAQT Delaware State Championship IS-34 Prelims: Records
Playoffs: Pending
2/2/02 2002 NAQT Delaware State Championship IS-29 Prelims: Records
Playoffs: Pending
4/28/01 2001 NAQT Delaware State Championship IS-25 Pending