Texas Quiz Bowl Alliance

Basic Information Hosted & Sponsored Events
Date Event Packet Set Results Status Writeup
4/21/18 19th Annual TQBA State Championship SCT-18 Pending 
4/15/18 TQBA Texas Invitational IX ICT-18 Pending 
3/24/18 9th Annual Texas Middle School Championship IS-175A Pending 
3/10/18 TQBA Mean Green Meet IS-173A Pending 
3/3/18 TQBA Dallas Jesuit Prep Bowl MS-26 Pending 
3/3/18 TQBA March Madness Invitational MS-26 Pending 
2/24/18 TQBA Bluebonnet Bowl HSNCT-15, HSNCT-16, HSNCT-17, IS-174 Pending 
2/10/18 TQBA Golden Triangle Open IS-172 Pending 
1/27/18 TQBA Eagle Meet IS-171A, MS-25 Pending 
1/27/18 TQBA Heart of Texas Tournament IS-171A Pending 
1/20/18 TQBA Winter Rodeo Tournament IS-171A Complete 
1/13/18 TQBA Hawks' Nest Invitational III MS-25 Complete 
1/13/18 TQBA Cougar Clash IS-172 Complete 
1/6/18 TQBA Capital City Middle School Challenge IS-169A Complete 
12/9/17 TQBA Middle School Holiday Hoedown IS-169A Complete 
12/2/17 TQBA Houston Holiday Hoedown X IS-170 Complete 
12/2/17 TQBA Greenhill Games IS-170, MS-24 Complete 
11/18/17 TQBA Rattler Rally IS-169A Complete 
11/11/17 TQBA Rio Grande Valley Bowl II IS-169A Complete 
11/7/17 - 1/18/18 Fort Worth ISD 6th Grade Whiz Quiz MS-24 Game Statistics 
11/4/17 TQBA Strake Prep Bowl XLIV MS-24 Complete 
10/25/17 TQBA Boomtown Bash IS-167A Complete 
10/21/17 TQBA Alamo City VII IS-168 Complete 
10/21/17 TQBA Panther Pageant II IS-168 Complete 
10/14/17 TQBA Kickoff Classic XIII CNS-168C Complete 
10/7/17 TQBA Viking Invasion III MS-23 Complete 
9/30/17 TQBA Sparkling City Challenge IV IS-167A Complete 
9/28/17 - 1/15/18 Fort Worth ISD Whiz Quiz 2017-TV-C Game Results 
9/27/17 - 1/18/18 Fort Worth ISD Middle School Whiz Quiz MS-23 Game Statistics 
9/23/17 TQBA Falcon Fest III MS-23 Complete 
9/23/17 TQBA Hornet Hullabaloo III IS-167A, MS-23 Complete 
9/16/17 TQBA Bayou City Jamboree IS-167A, Non-NAQT Complete 
7/9/17 - 7/22/17 Texas Quiz Bowl Camp SSNCT-17 Pending 
5/6/17 18th Annual TQBA State Championship SCT-17 Complete 
4/22/17 8th Annual Texas Middle School Championship IS-165A Complete 
4/9/17 TQBA Texas Invitational VIII ICT-17 Complete 
4/1/17 TQBA Maverick Madness MS-22 Complete 
3/7/17 TQBA Golden Triangle Open IS-159A Complete 
3/4/17 TQBA Bluebonnet Bowl IS-164 Complete 
3/4/17 TQBA Dallas Jesuit Prep Bowl MS-22 Complete 
2/25/17 TQBA Mustang Meet IS-164 Complete 
2/18/17 TQBA Crusader Invitational IS-163A Complete 
2/11/17 TQBA Eagle Meet MS-21 Complete 
2/4/17 NAQT South Sectional SCT-17 Complete 
1/28/17 TQBA Cougar Clash IS-162, MS-21 Complete 
1/21/17 TQBA Greenhill Games MS-21 Complete 
1/14/17 TQBA Panther Pageant I IS-162 Complete 
1/7/17 TQBA Winter Rodeo Tournament IS-162 Complete 
12/10/16 TQBA Middle School Holiday Hoedown IS-161A Complete 
12/3/16 TQBA Houston Holiday Hoedown IX IS-160 Complete 
11/19/16 TQBA Leopard's Lair Invitational IS-161A Complete 
11/12/16 TQBA Brahma Bowl IS-158, MS-20 Complete 
11/5/16 TQBA Strake Prep Bowl XLIII IS-159A (1-6), MS-20 Complete 
10/29/16 TQBA Rio Grande Valley Bowl I IS-161A Complete 
10/29/16 TQBA Hawks' Nest Invitational II MS-20 Complete 
10/22/16 TQBA Alamo City VI IS-159A Complete 
10/15/16 TQBA Sparkling City Challenge III IS-157A Complete 
10/8/16 TQBA Kickoff Classic XII IS-158 Complete 
10/1/16 TQBA Falcon Fest II IS-157A, MS-19 Complete 
10/1/16 TQBA Viking Invasion II IS-157A, MS-19 Complete 
9/24/16 TQBA Hornet Hullabaloo II IS-157A, MS-19 Complete 
7/17/16 - 7/30/16 Texas Quiz Bowl Camp SSNCT-16 Not Available 
4/30/16 17th Annual TQBA State Championship SCT-16 Complete 
4/16/16 7th Annual Texas Middle School Championship IS-155A, Non-NAQT Complete 
4/10/16 TQBA Texas Invitational VII ICT-16 Complete 
4/2/16 TQBA Dallas Jesuit Prep Bowl MS-18 Complete 
3/5/16 TQBA Patriot Games MS-18 Complete 
3/5/16 TQBA Bluebonnet Bowl IS-156, MS-18 Complete 
2/27/16 TQBA Gipper Games IS-156 Complete 
2/20/16 TQBA North Dallas Forum MS-17 Complete 
2/13/16 TQBA Heart of Texas Tournament IS-153A Complete 
2/6/16 NAQT South Sectional SCT-16 Complete 
1/30/16 TQBA Cougar Clash IS-154, MS-17 Complete 
1/16/16 TQBA Strake Prep Bowl XLII IS-151A, MS-17 Complete 
1/9/16 TQBA Mustang Rally IS-149A Complete 
12/12/15 TQBA Houston Holiday Hoedown VIII IS-152 Complete 
12/5/15 TQBA Middle School Holiday Hoedown MS-16 Complete 
11/14/15 TQBA Bronco Bowl IS-150, MS-16 Complete 
11/7/15 TQBA Hawks' Nest Invitational I MS-16 Complete 
10/31/15 TQBA Lions' Den Invitational II IS-150 Complete 
10/17/15 TQBA Alamo City Kickoff IS-148 Complete 
10/10/15 TQBA Kickoff Classic XI IS-148 Complete 
10/3/15 TQBA Viking Invasion I IS-147A, MS-15 Complete 
9/26/15 TQBA Sparkling City Challenge II IS-147A Complete 
9/12/15 TQBA Hornet Hullabaloo I IS-147A, MS-15 Complete 
9/12/15 TQBA Falcon Fest I MS-15 Complete 
7/26/15 - 8/8/15 Texas Quiz Bowl Camp IS-143A, IS-146, SSNCT-15 Not Available 
4/25/15 6th Annual Texas Middle School Championship IS-145A Game Results 
4/18/15 TQBA Walnut Hill Challenge MS-14 Team List 
4/11/15 16th Annual TQBA State Championship SCT-15 Complete 
4/1/15 - 5/1/15 TQBA Science Tutorials IS-138, IS-140, IS-142, IS-144 Team List 
3/29/15 TQBA Texas Invitational ICT-15 Complete 
3/21/15 TQBA Fiesta Invitational IS-142 Complete 
3/14/15 TQBA Bluebonnet Bowl IS-142 Complete 
2/28/15 TQBA Space City Challenge MS-14 Complete 
2/28/15 TQBA Bevo Bowl MS-14 Complete 
2/14/15 TQBA Bexar Bowl IS-144, MS-13 Complete 
1/31/15 TQBA Junior Rodeo MS-13 Complete 
1/24/15 TQBA Winter Rodeo Tournament IS-144 Complete 
1/17/15 TQBA Strake Prep Bowl MS-13 Complete 
12/13/14 TQBA Houston Holiday Hoedown VII IS-140 Complete 
12/6/14 TQBA Patriot Games IS-141A, MS-12 Complete 
12/6/14 TQBA Middle School Holiday Hoedown IS-141A, MS-12 Complete 
11/15/14 TQBA Lions' Den Invitational I MS-12 Complete 
11/1/14 TQBA Brahma Bowl IS-139A Complete 
10/25/14 TQBA Metroplex Challenge IS-138 Complete 
10/18/14 TQBA Middle School Kickoff - Houston MS-11 Complete 
10/11/14 TQBA Middle School Kickoff - San Antonio MS-11 Complete 
10/11/14 TQBA Kickoff Classic X IS-138 Complete 
10/4/14 TQBA Alamo City Kickoff IS-138 Complete 
9/27/14 TQBA Sparkling City Challenge IS-137A Complete 
9/20/14 TQBA Capital City Challenge IS-137A, MS-11 Complete 
9/13/14 TQBA Big-D Challenge IS-137A, MS-11 Complete 
7/27/14 - 8/2/14 Texas Quiz Bowl Camp 2014-2015 TQBA 1-3, SSNCT-14 Not Available 
4/26/14 5th Annual Texas Middle School Championship IS-131A, IS-133A Complete 
4/5/14 15th Annual TQBA State Championship ICT-14, IS-136 Complete 
3/29/14 TQBA Fiesta Invitational IS-131A, IS-134, MS-10 CompleteView
3/22/14 TQBA Bluebonnet Bowl IS-131A, MS-10 Complete 
2/28/14 TQBA Texas Invitational SCT-14 Complete 
2/22/14 TQBA Winter Junior Rodeo Challenge IS-131A, MS-09 Complete 
2/1/14 TQBA Bexar Bowl IS-132, MS-09 Complete 
1/25/14 TQBA Winter Rodeo Tournament IS-134 Complete 
1/18/14 TQBA Middle School Holiday Hoedown MS-08 Complete 
1/18/14 TQBA Heart of Texas Tournament IS-131A Complete 
12/14/13 TQBA Houston Holiday Hoedown VI IS-130 Complete 
12/7/13 TQBA Middle School Holiday Hoedown MS-08 Complete 
12/7/13 TQBA Middle School Holiday Hoedown MS-08 Complete 
12/7/13 TQBA Middle School Holiday Hoedown MS-08 Complete 
11/9/13 TQBA Metroplex Challenge IS-129A Complete 
10/26/13 TQBA Bayou City Invitational IS-129A Complete 
10/19/13 TQBA Alamo City Challenge IS-128 Complete 
10/12/13 TQBA Varsity Kickoff Classic IX IS-128 Complete 
9/28/13 TQBA Middle School Kickoff III - Dallas MS-07 Complete 
9/28/13 TQBA Middle School Kickoff III - Houston MS-07 Complete 
9/28/13 TQBA Middle School Kickoff III - San Antonio MS-07 Complete 
9/21/13 TQBA Capital City Challenge IS-127A Complete 
5/3/13 14th Annual TQBA State Championship ICT-13 Prelims: Complete
Playoffs: Game Statistics
4/13/13 TQBA Fiesta Invitational IS-126 Complete 
4/6/13 TQBA Bluebonnet Invitational IS-124 Complete 
3/23/13 4th Annual Texas Middle School Championship IS-123A Complete 
2/22/13 - 2/23/13 TQBA Texas Invitational SCT-13 Complete 
2/16/13 TQBA Winter Junior Rodeo Challenge MS-06 Complete 
2/2/13 TQBA Bexar Bowl IS-121A Complete 
1/19/13 TQBA Winter Rodeo Tournament IS-122 Complete 
1/12/13 TQBA Panther Challenge IS-121A, MS-05 Complete 
12/8/12 TQBA Houston Holiday Hoedown V IS-120 Complete 
12/1/12 TQBA Middle School Houston Holiday Hoedown MS-05 Complete 
11/17/12 TQBA Metroplex Challenge IS-117A Complete 
11/3/12 TQBA Bayou City Invitational IS-119A Complete 
10/27/12 TQBA San Antonio Express-News Alamo City Challenge IS-119A Complete 
10/13/12 TQBA Varsity Kickoff Classic VIII IS-118 Complete 
10/6/12 TQBA Capital City Challenge IS-117A Complete 
9/15/12 TQBA Middle School Kickoff II MS-04 Complete 
7/29/12 - 8/4/12 Texas Quiz Bowl Camp IS-115 Not Available 
5/5/12 2012 TQBA State Championship ICT-12 Complete 
3/31/12 2012 TQBA Middle School State Championship IS-114A Complete 
2/18/12 TQBA Texas Invitational SCT-12 Prelims: Complete
Playoffs: Game Results
2/11/12 TQBA Maverick Challenge IS-112A, MS-03 Complete 
1/14/12 TQBA Winter Rodeo Tournament IS-111 Complete 
1/7/12 TQBA Junior Rodeo IS-110A Complete 
11/19/11 TQBA Bayou City Quiz Bowl IS-109, MS-02 Complete 
10/22/11 TQBA Alamo Novice Invitational IS-108A Complete 
10/8/11 TQBA Kickoff Classic VI IS-107 Complete 
10/1/11 TQBA Middle School Kickoff I IS-108A Complete 
9/24/11 TQBA Texas Novice Invitational IS-106A Complete 
4/22/11 TQBA Texas Invitational Nationals Prep ICT-11 Complete 
4/9/11 2011 TQBA Middle School State Championship IS-101A Complete 
4/9/11 2011 TQBA New School Invitational IS-101A Complete 
3/12/11 2011 TQBA State Championship IS-104 CompleteView
2/12/11 TQBA Katy Middle School Challenge MS-01 Complete 
1/15/11 TQBA Winter Rodeo Tournament IS-100 Complete 
12/4/10 TQBA Houston Holiday Hoedown IS-98 Complete 
11/13/10 TQBA Spartan Showdown IS-99A Complete 
10/2/10 TQBA 2010 Kickoff Tournament IS-96, IS-97A Complete 
5/15/10 2010 TQBA Pre-Nationals Invitational SCT-10 Complete 
3/6/10 2010 TQBA State Championship IS-94 Complete 
1/23/10 TQBA Spartan Showdown IS-90 Complete 
10/17/09 TQBA Central Texas Open IS-88 Complete 
9/26/09 TQBA 2009 Kickoff Tournament IS-86 Complete 
5/16/09 2009 TQBA Pre-Nationals Invitational SCT-09 Pending 
3/28/09 2009 TQBA State Championship IS-85 Prelims: Complete
Playoffs: Order of Finish
1/31/09 TQBA Maverick Challenge IS-81 Complete 
12/6/08 TQBA Houston Holiday Hoedown IS-80A Pending 
11/15/08 TQBA Central Texas Open IS-78A Prelims: Game Statistics
Playoffs: Records
10/18/08 TQBA 2008 Kickoff Tournament IS-77 Pending 
5/17/08 TQBA Spartan Showdown IS-74 Complete 
4/12/08 2008 TQBA State Championship IS-76 Prelims: Complete
Playoffs: Game Statistics
2/23/08 TQBA Central Texas Open IS-73A Prelims: Complete
Playoffs: Pending
12/8/07 TQBA Houston Holiday Hoedown IS-70 Complete 
10/6/07 TQBA 2007 Kickoff Tournament IS-69A Complete 
4/21/07 2007 TQBA State Championship IS-67 Prelims: Complete
Playoffs: Pending
2/24/07 TQBA Quad States Challenge IS-64 Prelims: Game Results
Playoffs: Pending
1/20/07 TQBA Central Texas Open IS-63A Prelims: Complete
Playoffs: Pending
11/18/06 TQBA Aggie Bowl IX IS-62 Prelims: Complete
Playoffs: Pending
10/7/06 TQBA 2006 Kickoff Tournament BOB06-A, IS-60 Prelims: Game Results
Playoffs: Pending
4/22/06 TQBA Longhorn Classic IS-56 Pending 
3/25/06 2006 TQBA State Championship IS-58 Pending 
2/25/06 TQBA Quad States Challenge IS-54 Pending 
1/21/06 TQBA Central Texas Invitational IS-57A Pending 
11/19/05 TQBA Aggie Bowl VIII IS-55A Pending 
10/22/05 TQBA Fall Tournament IS-52 Pending 
10/1/05 TQBA Eagle Kickoff Tournament IS-53A Pending 
3/5/05 2005 TQBA State Championship IS-51 Pending 
2/19/05 TQBA Lone Star Shootout IS-50 Pending 
1/15/05 TQBA Baylor Invitational IS-49A Pending 
11/20/04 TQBA Owl Invitational IS-44 Pending 
10/2/04 TQBA Fall West Tournament IS-45A Pending 
10/25/03 Texas Quiz Bowl Alliance Fall Event BOB03-A, IS-40A Pending