Savannah High School

Date Event Packet Set Results/Registration
3/14/20 Savannah Invitational IS-188 Complete
2/1/20 Savannah JV Invitational MS-33 Complete
3/9/19 Savannah Invitational IS-179 Complete
2/23/19 Midland Empire Conference Scholar Bowl 2018-2019 TV 1 and MO-CONF18 (1-7, 19-20) Complete
2/2/19 Savannah JV Invitational MS-29 Complete
3/10/18 Savannah Invitational IS-170 Game Statistics
2/3/18 Savannah JV Invitational MS-25 Game Statistics
3/11/17 Savannah Invitational IS-160 Complete
2/4/17 Savannah JV Invitational MS-21 Complete
3/12/16 Savannah Invitational IS-150 Complete
2/6/16 Savannah JV Invitational MS-17 Game Statistics
3/14/15 Savannah Invitational IS-140 Complete
2/7/15 Savannah JV Invitational MS-13 Game Statistics
3/8/14 Savannah Invitational IS-128 Complete
3/14/13 Midland Empire Conference Scholar Bowl LIGHT-25 and MO-CONF12 (1-8, 19) Game Statistics
3/9/13 Savannah Invitational IS-125A Complete
2/2/13 Savannah JV Invitational MS-06 Game Statistics
3/10/12 Savannah Invitational IS-114A Complete
2/18/12 Savannah Middle School Invitational MS-03 Complete
3/12/11 Savannah Invitational IS-98 Complete
3/8/11 Midland Empire Conference Scholar Bowl MO-CONF10 (1-8, 16-19) Game Statistics