Strake Jesuit College Preparatory School

Date Event Packet Set Results/Registration
12/14/19 TQBA Houston Holiday Hoedown XI IS-188 (1-13) Complete
4/6/19 10th Annual Texas Middle School Championship IS-184A Complete
4/15/18 TQBA Texas Invitational IX ICT-18DII (1-17) Complete
3/24/18 9th Annual Texas Middle School Championship IS-171A (1-7) and IS-175A Complete
1/20/18 TQBA Winter Rodeo Tournament IS-171A Complete
12/9/17 TQBA Middle School Holiday Hoedown IS-169A Complete
11/4/17 TQBA Strake Prep Bowl XLIV MS-24 Complete
9/16/17 TQBA Bayou City Jamboree IS-167A and Non-NAQT Complete
4/9/17 TQBA Texas Invitational VIII ICT-17DII (1-16) Complete
2/18/17 TQBA Crusader Invitational IS-163A Complete
11/5/16 TQBA Strake Prep Bowl XLIII IS-159A (1-6) and MS-20 Complete
1/16/16 TQBA Strake Prep Bowl XLII IS-151A and MS-17 Complete
1/17/15 TQBA Strake Prep Bowl MS-13 Complete
11/3/12 TQBA Bayou City Invitational IS-119A Complete