Cave Spring High School

Date Event Packet Set Results/Registration
3/23/19 Roanoke Classic XIII IS-184A Game Statistics
12/5/18 - 1/23/19 River Ridge District Scholastic Bowl 18VHSL (1-15)  
11/14/18 - 12/17/18 Blue Ridge/River Ridge Non-District Matches 18VHSL (16-18) Game Statistics
4/28/18 Roanoke Classic XII IS-175A Complete
11/29/17 - 1/17/18 River Ridge District Scholastic Bowl 17VHSL (1-15)  
4/8/17 Roanoke Classic XI IS-165A Complete
3/4/17 Nerds Competing in Style IS-164 and MS-20 Complete
4/16/16 Roanoke Classic X IS-155A and MS-18 Complete
10/24/15 Cave Spring Invitational X IS-148 Complete
4/18/15 Roanoke Classic IX IS-145A and MS-14 Complete
4/5/14 Nerds Competing in Style IS-134 Complete
3/29/14 Roanoke Classic VIII IS-135A and MS-09 Complete
2/16/13 Nerds Competing in Style IS-124 Complete
2/18/12 Nerds Competing in Style IS-113 Complete