Seven Lakes High School

Date Event Packet Set Results/Registration Writeup
10/12/19 TQBA Kickoff Classic XV IS-186 (1-13) Complete 
12/8/18 TQBA Houston Holiday Hoedown XI IS-179 (1-13) Complete 
10/13/18 TQBA Kickoff Classic XIV IS-177 (1-13) Complete 
4/21/18 19th Annual TQBA State Championship SCT-18DII Complete 
2/24/18 TQBA Bluebonnet Bowl IS-174 (1-13) Complete 
12/2/17 TQBA Houston Holiday Hoedown X IS-170 Complete 
10/14/17 TQBA Kickoff Classic XIII CNS-168C Complete 
4/22/17 8th Annual Texas Middle School Championship IS-165A Complete 
12/3/16 TQBA Houston Holiday Hoedown IX IS-160 Complete 
10/8/16 TQBA Kickoff Classic XII IS-158 Complete 
4/16/16 7th Annual Texas Middle School Championship IS-155A and Non-NAQT Complete 
3/5/16 TQBA Bluebonnet Bowl IS-156 and MS-18 Complete 
12/12/15 TQBA Houston Holiday Hoedown VIII IS-152 Complete 
10/10/15 TQBA Kickoff Classic XI IS-148 Complete 
4/11/15 16th Annual TQBA State Championship SCT-15DII Complete 
10/11/14 TQBA Kickoff Classic X IS-138 Complete 
10/12/13 TQBA Varsity Kickoff Classic IX IS-128 Complete 
2/16/13 TQBA Winter Junior Rodeo Challenge MS-06 Complete 
1/19/13 TQBA Winter Rodeo Tournament IS-122 Complete 
10/8/11 TQBA Kickoff Classic VI IS-107 Complete 
4/22/11 TQBA Texas Invitational Nationals Prep ICT-11DII Complete 
4/9/11 2011 TQBA Middle School State Championship IS-101A Complete 
4/9/11 2011 TQBA New School Invitational IS-101A Complete 
3/12/11 2011 TQBA State Championship IS-104 CompleteView
1/15/11 TQBA Winter Rodeo Tournament IS-100 Complete 
11/13/10 TQBA Spartan Showdown IS-99A Complete 
10/2/10 TQBA 2010 Kickoff Tournament IS-96 and IS-97A Complete 
5/15/10 2010 TQBA Pre-Nationals Invitational SCT-10DII Complete 
9/26/09 TQBA 2009 Kickoff Tournament IS-86 Complete 
3/28/09 2009 TQBA State Championship IS-85 Prelims: Complete
Playoffs: Order of Finish
5/17/08 TQBA Spartan Showdown IS-74 Complete 
12/8/07 TQBA Houston Holiday Hoedown IS-70 Complete