Gallatin High School

Basic Information Results Players Hosted & Sponsored Events
Date Tournament Packet Set Team Rank W-L Points TUH P TU I PPB PP20TUH
1/6/18University School of Nashville Invitational SSNCT-17 (1-17)A12 / 161–41220Not available
B14 / 160–5850Not available
C15 / 160–5650Not available
10/21/17Portland Oktoberfest Tournament IS-170A9 / 224–1900100 n/a n/a n/a-180.00
B12 / 222–3825100 n/a n/a n/a-165.00
C15 / 222–3540100 n/a n/a n/a-108.00
D14 / 222–3735100 n/a n/a n/a-147.00
E10 / 223–2845100 n/a n/a n/a-169.00
1/21/17Gallatin NJROTC JV Invitational IS-157AA3 / 145–31620144 n/a n/a n/a-225.00
B12 / 141–6670120 n/a n/a n/a-111.67
12/3/16Portland Winter Invitational IS-162A11 / 213–293080 n/a n/a n/a-232.50
B10 / 213–2105580 n/a n/a n/a-263.75
11/12/16Sawney Webb Academic Games VI IS-159AA13 / 181–4Not available
B17 / 180–5Not available
4/9/16Gallatin NJROTC JV Invitational IS-147AA9 / 101–6600120 n/a n/a n/a-100.00
11/14/15Sawney Webb Academic Games V IS-149AA8 / 131–4890Not available
B11 / 131–4580Not available
C12 / 131–4280Not available
9/26/15 - 4/9/16Westfield Insurance Quizbusters LIGHT-35, SC-46, SC-47, SC-48A5 / 301–1840Not available
9/19/1522nd Annual Ezell-Harding Academic Tournament IS-148A9 / 485–2565Not available
3/27/15 - 3/28/15Tennessee High School State Academic Quiz Bowl Championship IS-146A7 / 70–61770Not available
1/24/15Portland Winter Invitational IS-142A6 / 285–3820Not available
B28 / 280–5Not available
C27 / 280–5Not available
11/22/14Cookeville Cavalier Academic Tournament IS-140A5 / 235–2680Not available
B23 / 230–5Not available
11/15/14Sawney Webb Academic Games IV IS-139AA5 / 224–22030120 n/a n/a n/a-338.33
9/27/14Central Magnet School Fall Invitational (HS) IS-137AA5 / 244–21860104 n/a n/a n/a-357.69
9/20/1421st Annual Ezell-Harding Academic Tournament IS-138A33 / 572–3119575 n/a n/a n/a-318.67
9/13/14 - 4/1/15Westfield Insurance Quizbusters LIGHT-32, SC-43, SC-44, SC-45A5 / 341–1880Not available
3/28/14 - 3/29/14Tennessee High School State Academic Quiz Bowl Championship IS-136A7 / 93–51980Not available
1/18/14Portland Winter Invitational IS-130A5 / 216–2810Not available
B18 / 210–4Not available
C19 / 210–4Not available
11/9/13 - 4/12/14Westfield Insurance Quizbusters LIGHT-29, SC-34, SC-40, SC-41, SC-42A18 / 320–1310Not available
11/9/13Sawney Webb Academic Games III IS-129AA10 / 264–1Not available
9/28/13Central Magnet School Fall Invitational (HS) IS-127AA5 / 244–31750100 n/a n/a n/a-350.00
B22 / 240–5670100 n/a n/a n/a-134.00
9/14/1320th Annual Ezell-Harding Academic Tournament IS-128An/a Not available
Bn/a Not available
4/5/13 - 4/6/13Tennessee High School State Academic Quiz Bowl Championship IS-126A7 / 114–62400Not available
1/19/13Portland Winter Invitational IS-122A11 / 243–2Not available
B2 / 246–2730Not available
C20 / 241–4Not available
D23 / 240–5Not available
E24 / 240–5Not available
12/15/12The Glasgow Scottie Invitational IS-119AA9 / 192–41270124 0 37 0-204.84
11/10/12Sawney Webb Academic Games II IS-121AA9 / 333–31760Not available
9/22/12 - 4/14/13Westfield Insurance Quizbusters 2012-2013 KVLY HS Challenge 1-31A23 / 320–1280Not available
9/15/1219th Annual Ezell-Harding Academic Tournament IS-118A47 / 601–4Not available
1/21/12Portland Winter Invitational IS-107A15 / 201–4Not available
B16 / 201–4Not available
C17 / 201–4Not available
D9 / 203–2Not available
2/2/082008 Groundhog Day Academic Tournament (V) IS-73AA13 / 24 Not available
2008 Groundhog Day Academic Tournament (JV) IS-73AB10 / 10 Not available
10/20/073rd Annual Vergilian Classic Invitational IS-71AA5 / 101–5265Not available

Explanation of Statistics

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