Eastwood High School

Date Tournament Packet Set Team Rank W-L Points TUH P TU I PPB PP20TUH
9/21/19Ysleta Invitational Tournament IS-186A13 / 463–1420Not available
2/23/19El Paso Quiz Bowl Championship IS-181A20 / 321–3270Not available
11/3/18El Paso Academic Challenge IS-179A21 / 331–3340Not available
B22 / 331–3330Not available
10/18/18 - 5/10/19KCOS High Q 2018TV (1-18, 21, 23-30, 33, 36)A17 / 290–1160Not available
9/22/18Ysleta Invitational Tournament IS-177A9 / 363–270590 n/a n/a n/a-156.67
4/21/18Ysleta Academic Shoot Out IS-174A9 / 363–2540Not available
B33 / 360–4180Not available
2/10/18El Paso Quiz Bowl Championship IS-172A5 / 385–1840Not available
B27 / 381–3230Not available
11/4/17El Paso Academic Challenge IS-170A9 / 282–3515Not available
10/19/17 - 5/3/18KCOS High Q 2017TV (1-24, 29-30)A9 / 261–1305Not available
9/30/17Ysleta Invitational Tournament IS-168A22 / 382–2280Not available
4/1/17Ysleta Academic Shoot Out IS-164A5 / 325–11170Not available
B9 / 322–3290Not available
C25 / 321–3250Not available
2/11/17El Paso Quiz Bowl Championship IS-162A5 / 404–21360Not available
B30 / 401–3310Not available
11/5/16El Paso Academic Challenge IS-160A3 / 306–11560Not available
B20 / 302–2295Not available
C29 / 300–4190Not available
9/24/16Ysleta Invitational Tournament IS-158A5 / 364–21240Not available
B27 / 361–3365Not available
C28 / 361–3345Not available
9/13/16 - 4/29/17KCOS High Q 2016TVA7 / 273–2Not available
4/9/16Ysleta Academic Shoot Out IS-154A3 / 286–11780Not available
11/7/15El Paso Academic Challenge IS-150A5 / 325–11065Not available
9/26/15Ysleta Invitational Tournament IS-148A3 / 326–11165Not available
9/15/15 - 4/9/16KCOS High Q IS-147A, IS-149A, IS-151A, IS-153A, LIGHT-35, LIGHT-36, and LIGHT-37A13 / 272–1Not available
4/11/15Ysleta Academic Shoot Out IS-144A19 / 321–370564 n/a n/a n/a-220.31
2/14/15El Paso Quiz Bowl Championship IS-142A9 / 324–184580 n/a n/a n/a-211.25
11/15/14El Paso Academic Challenge IS-140A5 / 304–287096 n/a n/a n/a-181.25
B30 / 300–47064 n/a n/a n/a-21.88
9/16/14 - 4/21/15KCOS High Q IS-137A, IS-139A, IS-141A, IS-143A, LIGHT-32, LIGHT-33, and LIGHT-34A13 / 261–2560Not available
4/5/14Ysleta Academic Shoot Out IS-134A28 / 341–325064 n/a n/a n/a-78.12
2/8/14El Paso Quiz Bowl Championship IS-132A30 / 320–414564 n/a n/a n/a-45.31
9/28/13Ysleta Invitational Tournament IS-128A19 / 302–222564 n/a n/a n/a-70.31
9/17/13 - 5/3/14KCOS High Q IS-127A, IS-129A, IS-131A, IS-133A, LIGHT-29, LIGHT-30, and LIGHT-31A17 / 260–28033 0 3 06.6748.48
9/11/12 - 4/14/13KCOS High Q IS-117A, IS-119A, IS-121A, IS-123A, LIGHT-23, LIGHT-24, and LIGHT-25A17 / 250–2Not available
2/11/12El Paso Quiz Bowl Championship IS-113A27 / 280–4210Not available
9/13/11 - 5/13/12KCOS High Q IS-106A, IS-108A, IS-110A, IS-112A, LIGHT-20, LIGHT-21, and LIGHT-22A17 / 270–2Not available
2/12/11El Paso Texas Challenge IS-100A9 / 323–265Not available
10/23/10El Paso Academic Challenge IS-98A17 / 282–2Not available
9/25/10Ysleta Invitational Tournament IS-96A23 / 301–3Not available
9/8/10 - 5/15/11KCOS High Q IS-101A, IS-103A, IS-97A, IS-99A, LIGHT-17, LIGHT-18, and LIGHT-19A13 / 251–2445Not available
9/15/09 - 5/22/10KCOS High Q IS-87A, IS-89A, IS-91A, and IS-93AA17 / 240–2Not available
2/21/09Ysleta Invitational IS-82AA9 / 211–4335Not available
11/8/08El Paso Academic Challenge IS-78AA5 / 326–1Not available
9/20/08 - 4/30/09KCOS High Q HIQ-08 (1-2)A25 / 250–2Not available

Explanation of Statistics

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