NAQT Scoring Rules

Full Name: NAQT
Code: NAQT
Teams Per Game: 2
Players Per Team: 4
Standard Tossup Count: 20
Power Tossups: Yes (15)
Tossup Value: 10
Interrupt Penalties: Yes (-5)
Bonus Questions: Yes
Maximum Bonus Value: 30
Bonus Divisor: 5
Bounceback Bonuses: No
Overall Score Divisor: 5

The “Standard Tossup Count” is the generic denominator used to normalize scores for reporting purposes. It should be roughly equal to the average number of tossups heard in a game, but it is not necessarily a fixed count for tossups heard in all games.

“Divisors” are the largest integers guaranteed to divide a legal score. These are not of much use to casual browsers, but they can assist when double-checking tournament results to make sure that data-entry errors have not occurred.