NIC-10 Conference Scholastic Bowl

Date: November 8, 2017 - January 31, 2018
Location: Belvidere North High School (Belvidere, IL)
Sponsor: Northern Illinois Conference (IL)
Scoring Rules: IHSA 2012-13 to present

This tournament’s statistics are not yet complete.

An explanation of quiz bowl statistics is available.

Varsity (2017-2018 IHSA 1-24)

TBD TBD Rockford Auburn 3–01.000182060728.0
TBD TBD Belvidere 3–01.000123060492.0
TBD TBD Belvidere North 2–10.66769060276.0
TBD TBD Guilford 2–10.66756060224.0
TBD TBD Harlem 1–20.33342060168.0
TBD TBD Rockford East 1–20.33332060128.0
TBD TBD Boylan Catholic 0–30.00033060132.0
TBD TBD Hononegah 0–30.00032060128.0

Junior Varsity (IS-167A, IS-169A)

TBD TBD Rockford Auburn JV 3–01.000116060464.0
TBD TBD Belvidere North JV 2–10.66775060300.0
TBD TBD Belvidere JV 2–10.66767060268.0
TBD TBD Guilford JV 2–10.66755060220.0
TBD TBD Hononegah JV 1–20.33359060236.0
TBD TBD Boylan Catholic JV 1–20.33352060208.0
TBD TBD Rockford East JV 1–20.33346060184.0
TBD TBD Harlem JV 0–30.00048060192.0