2020–2021 Tournament Results

Date Event Host Results Status
9/3/20 Minneapolis Area Summer Quiz Using Electrons Sponsored by MQBA (Bloomington, MN) Complete
9/19/20 Colorado Fall Opener Sponsored by Colorado (Boulder, CO) Game Statistics
9/26/20 Wildcat Academic Invitational Tournament Sponsored by Coalgate (Coalgate, OK) Complete
9/26/20 Southside Starter Virtual Invitational Sponsored by Southside (Greenville, SC) Complete
9/26/20 Tal Atkins Memorial Quiz Bowl Tournament Sponsored by Caddo Magnet (Shreveport, LA) Complete
9/26/20 University of Toronto Collegiate Novice Tournament Sponsored by Toronto (Toronto, ON, Canada) Complete
9/26/20 TQBA Jamboree Sponsored by TQBA (Katy, TX) Game Results
10/3/20 Minnesota Collegiate Novice Invitational Sponsored by Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN) Complete
10/3/20 Roanoke-Liberty Dual Meet Sponsored by Roanoke (Salem, VA) Game Statistics
10/9/20 - 10/10/20 Seoul International Fall Invitational Sponsored by Seoul International (Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea) Complete
10/10/20 Santa Fe Fall Invitational Sponsored by Santa Fe (Gainesville, FL) Complete
10/10/20 Thomas Jefferson Novice Academic Tournament Sponsored by Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech (Alexandria, VA) Complete
10/10/20 TQBA Kickoff Classic XVI Sponsored by TQBA (Katy, TX) Complete
10/17/20 - 10/31/20 GATA Fall Tournament Sponsored by GATA (Athens, GA) Game Statistics
10/17/20 Geneseo Intramural Tournament Sponsored by SUNY-Geneseo (Geneseo, NY) Not Available
10/17/20 KCQB Fall Invitational Sponsored by Kansas Collegiate Quiz Bowl (Arkansas City, KS) Complete
10/17/20 TQBA Middle School Kickoff Sponsored by TQBA (Katy, TX) Complete
10/17/20 2020 KCQRL Jefferson Tournament Sponsored by Jefferson CC (Louisville, KY) Complete
10/19/20 - 11/14/20 NCASA Fall League Sponsored by NCASA (Knightdale, NC) Game Statistics
10/23/20 - 10/24/20 8th Annual Erik Korray-Chris Shelton Invitational Sponsored by Central Florida CC (Ocala, FL) Complete
10/24/20 Greater Pennsylvania Quizbowl October Invitational Sponsored by Greater Pennsylvania Quiz Bowl (Philadelphia, PA) Complete
10/24/20 Johns Hopkins Fall Invitational Sponsored by Johns Hopkins (Baltimore, MD) Complete
10/24/20 LQBA Fall Online Invitational Sponsored by LQBA Complete
10/24/20 Oklahoma Early Fall Tournament Sponsored by Oklahoma (Norman, OK) Complete
10/24/20 Thumb Race In Virtual Internet Arenas Sponsored by MQBA (Bloomington, MN) Complete
11/5/20 - 12/3/20 St. Benedict Dual Meets Sponsored by St. Benedict (Chicago, IL) In Process
11/5/20 Twin Cities Learnament Sponsored by MQBA (Bloomington, MN) Complete
11/6/20 - 11/7/20 Ysleta Invitational Tournament Sponsored by Ysleta (El Paso, TX) Game Results
11/7/20 Arizona Quizbowl Association November Invitational Sponsored by Arizona State (Tempe, AZ) Complete
11/7/20 Clarke Fall Invitational Sponsored by Clarke (Westbury, NY) Complete
11/7/20 Clemson University Tigertown Throwdown Sponsored by Clemson (Clemson, SC) Complete
11/7/20 Houston Scholar Bowl Fall Invitational Sponsored by Houston (Houston, MO) Complete
11/7/20 Iowa Fall Open Sponsored by IQBL (Clive, IA) Game Statistics
11/7/20 Lusher Invitational Sponsored by Lusher (New Orleans, LA) Complete
11/7/20 2020 Snow Bowl Sponsored by Kansas Collegiate Quiz Bowl (Arkansas City, KS) Complete
11/10/20 - 11/12/20 Eugene November Virtual Quad Sponsored by Eugene (Eugene, MO) Complete
11/14/20 Boise State Treasure Valley Tournament XI Sponsored by Boise State (Boise, ID) Complete
11/14/20 2020 Cal Classic Sponsored by NCQBA (Richmond, CA) Complete
11/14/20 Cavalier Classic XXIII Sponsored by Virginia (Charlottesville, VA) Pending
11/14/20 Greater Pennsylvania Quizbowl November Invitational Sponsored by Greater Pennsylvania Quiz Bowl (Philadelphia, PA) Complete
11/14/20 Hong Kong Fall Novice Invitational Sponsored by Hong Kong International (Tai Tam, Hong Kong SAR, China) Complete
11/14/20 - 11/21/20 2020 IHSSBCA David Riley Memorial Kickoff Tournament Sponsored by IHSSBCA Pending
11/14/20 Chris Girard Memorial Tournament Sponsored by KQBA Complete
11/14/20 Give Thanks for Matt's Buzzers VII Sponsored by Miami Valley (Dayton, OH) Complete
11/14/20 North by North Gwinnett IV Sponsored by North Gwinnett Middle (Sugar Hill, GA) Complete
11/14/20 Notre Dame JV Invitational Sponsored by Notre Dame (Cape Girardeau, MO) Game Statistics
11/14/20 Singapore American Fall Invitational Sponsored by Singapore American (Singapore, Singapore) Pending
11/14/20 TQBA Howdy Bonanza Sponsored by TQBA (Katy, TX) Pending
11/14/20 Triton Fall Invitational IX Sponsored by UC San Diego (La Jolla, CA) Complete
11/17/20 - 11/19/20 Eugene Thanksgiving Virtual Quad Sponsored by Eugene (Eugene, MO) Pending
11/19/20 - 2/11/21 Minnesota High School Quiz Bowl League Sponsored by MNHSQB (Bloomington, MN) Complete
11/21/20 Bay Area November Middle School Tournament Sponsored by NCQBA (Richmond, CA) Complete
11/21/20 Bishop O'Connell Knight Invitational Sponsored by Bishop O'Connell (Arlington, VA) Complete
11/21/20 Cave Spring Invitational Sponsored by Cave Spring (Roanoke, VA) Complete
11/21/20 Clever Invitational Sponsored by Clever (Clever, MO) Complete
11/21/20 Concordia Shanghai Middle School Invitational Sponsored by Concordia International Shanghai (Shanghai, China) Complete
11/21/20 Ithaca Fall Tournament Sponsored by Ithaca (Ithaca, NY) Complete
11/21/20 November's Annual Minneapolis-Environs Speed And Knowledge Examination Sponsored by MQBA (Bloomington, MN) Complete
11/21/20 Noe Middle School Invitational Tournament Sponsored by Noe Middle (Louisville, KY) Complete
11/21/20 TQBA Houston Holiday Hoedown XII Sponsored by TQBA (Katy, TX) Pending