NAQT with Lightning Scoring Rules

Teams Per Game
Players Per Team
Standard Tossup Count
20 (This is the generic denominator used to normalize scores for reporting purposes. That is, statistics under these scoring rules are reported in terms of points per 20 tossups heard. For rules that use timed games, it represents a typical number of tossups heard in a game, though variation exists. For rules that use untimed games, it represents the number of tossups that will be read in regulation in a standard game.)
Power Tossups
Yes (15 points)
Tossup Value
Interrupt Penalties
Yes (-5 points)
Bonus Questions
Yes (up to 30 points each)
Lightning Rounds
Yes (values range from 0–240; values must be divisible by 5)
Overall Score Divisor
5 (This is the largest integer that must be a factor of an overall score. It is used in error-checking.)