Private School League

Date: Tuesday, October 23, 2018 – Tuesday, December 4, 2018
Host: St. Mary's High School (St. Louis, MO)
Scoring Rules: MSHSAA 2018-2019 to present

Varsity Division (2018-2019 Missouri Regular Season (1-16, 19-23))

1AB Priory15–0100.0%130080422.50
2B Christian Brothers13–286.7%113080367.25
3B Chaminade A12–380.0%125080406.25
4B De Smet A9–660.0%96080312.00
5B Vianney A15–193.8%98080318.50
6B St. Louis University High13–381.2%80080260.00
7 Westminster Christian8–753.3%79080256.75
8 Nerinx Hall B11–568.8%76080247.00
9 Chaminade B9–660.0%67080217.75
10 Nerinx Hall A7–943.8%41080133.25
11A Rosati-Kain9–756.2%51080165.75
12 De Smet B6–940.0%61080198.25
13A Lutheran South A11–568.8%81080263.25
14A Villa Duchesne5–1033.3%45080146.25
15 Cor Jesu B7–943.8%55080178.75
16 Lutheran South B6–1037.5%42080136.50
17 Bishop DuBourg A9–756.2%76080247.00
18 Cor Jesu A5–1131.2%74080240.50
19 Vianney B7–943.8%63080204.75
20 De Smet C7–846.7%60080195.00
21 De Smet D4–1126.7%39060169.00
22 St. Mary's A7–943.8%50080162.50
23 St. Joseph's A3–1220.0%49080159.25
24 De Smet E0–40.0%46080149.50
25 St. Joseph's B2–1313.3%32060138.67
26 St. Mary's B1–156.2%2708087.75
Bishop DuBourg B0–120.0%   

The highlighted teams marked with ‘A’ qualified for the 2019 Small School National Championship Tournament (Open Division).

The highlighted teams marked with ‘B’ qualified for the 2019 High School National Championship Tournament.

Junior Varsity Division (MSNCT-18 (1-19))

1 St. Louis University High JV15–0100.0%23020299.00
2 Cor Jesu JV B8–753.3%43040279.50
3 Lutheran South JV A10–566.7%53060229.67
4 Westminster Christian JV6–460.0%48060208.00
5 Christian Brothers JV5–550.0%35040227.50
6 Priory JV6–460.0%64060277.33
7 Chaminade JV6–460.0%42060182.00
8 Cor Jesu JV A10–566.7%39060169.00
9 De Smet JV5–550.0%48060208.00
10 Lutheran South JV B6–940.0%59060255.67
11 Nerinx Hall JV4–1126.7%38060164.67
12 Villa Duchesne JV1–910.0%2006086.67
13 St. Joseph's JV2–820.0%1806078.00
14 Rosati-Kain JV0–150.0%27060117.00

Explanation of Statistics

Confused about all these statistics? We’ve prepared an overview.