Michigan Inter-County League

Date: Tuesday, October 29, 2019 – Tuesday, February 4, 2020
Host: Inter-County League (Livonia, MI)
Scoring Rules: NAQT with Bouncebacks

Varsity Division (IS-186) Jump to the Junior Varsity Division Jump to the Novice Division

1A Detroit Country Day A14–0100.0%6360
2A Livonia Churchill E12–285.7%4270
3AB Roeper12–285.7%4755
4A Livonia Churchill B11–378.6%4395
5A Farmington A10–3–175.0%4490
6A Northville B10–3–175.0%4080
7A Farmington Hills Mercy A9–4–167.9%4220
8A Northville A8–657.1%3205
9A Detroit Country Day B10–471.4%4895
10A Detroit Jesuit A10–471.4%4705
11A Livonia Churchill C7–750.0%2470
12A Hartland B7–750.0%3330
13A Novi E10–3–175.0%3815
14 Novi C10–471.4%3855
15 International Academy Okma7–6–153.6%3215
16 Detroit Country Day C6–7–146.4%2565
17 Detroit Jesuit B8–5–160.7%2480
18 Detroit Jesuit C8–657.1%2700
19 Hartland A7–750.0%2565
20 Livonia Churchill D6–842.9%2775
21 Brother Rice A6–6–250.0%1580
22 Howell A6–7–146.4%2505
23 Farmington Hills Mercy C6–842.9%2585
24 Livonia Stevenson A4–9–132.1%2420
25 Novi A6–554.5%1965
26 International Academy East A7–750.0%2210
27 Novi B4–6–140.9%1415
28 Farmington Hills Mercy B5–935.7%1545
29 Livonia Churchill A5–645.5%1740
29 Livonia Stevenson B4–736.4%2165
29 Farmington B5–935.7%2085
32 Brother Rice B4–1028.6%1255
33 Hartland C3–827.3%1450
34 Novi D3–827.3%1195
35 Farmington C3–1121.4%1080
36 Frankel Jewish A3–1121.4%1135
37 Thurston A4–1028.6%1110
38 Livonia Franklin A1–109.1%845
39 Livonia Franklin B1–109.1%795
40 Thurston B0–140.0%505

The highlighted teams marked with ‘A’ qualified for the 2020 High School National Championship Tournament.

The highlighted team marked with ‘B’ qualified for the 2020 Small School National Championship Tournament (Open Division).

Junior Varsity Division (IS-185A) Jump to the Varsity Division Jump to the Novice Division

1 Detroit Country Day D12–0100.0%3075
2 Howell B11–0100.0%2150
3 Novi F9–281.8%2385
4 Detroit Jesuit D11–191.7%2340
5 Livonia Churchill F7–3–168.2%2050
6 International Academy East B10–283.3%2700
7 Northville C7–463.6%2255
8 Detroit Jesuit E9–375.0%2315
9 Detroit Jesuit F8–3–170.8%2530
9 Detroit Country Day E7–3–266.7%2165
9 Livonia Stevenson C5–5–150.0%1880
12 Northville D5–5–150.0%1240
13 Farmington D7–558.3%1845
14 Livonia Franklin C5–645.5%1550
15 Novi G5–645.5%1660
16 Detroit Jesuit G6–5–154.2%1815
17 Farmington Hills Mercy G6–650.0%1555
18 Hartland D4–736.4%1190
19 Farmington Hills Mercy E3–7–233.3%1390
20 Novi H3–827.3%1405
21 Frankel Jewish B4–833.3%1215
22 Livonia Franklin D2–8–122.7%895
23 Novi I1–109.1%1080
24 Brother Rice C4–833.3%930
25 Farmington Hills Mercy F4–833.3%1085
25 Farmington Hills Mercy D2–1016.7%755
27 Thurston D0–120.0%540
27 Thurston C0–120.0%240

Novice Division (MS-31) Jump to the Varsity Division Jump to the Junior Varsity Division

1 Livonia Churchill H10–190.9%3380
2 Livonia Churchill G10–190.9%2880
2 Farmington E10–1–187.5%3910
4 Detroit Jesuit H8–466.7%3145
5 Northville G8–372.7%2765
6 Farmington Hills Mercy I5–6–145.8%2560
7 Livonia Stevenson D8–372.7%3115
8 Farmington Hills Mercy H0–120.0%1165
9 Northville F5–645.5%1820
10 Livonia Churchill I7–463.6%2030
11 Hartland E5–5–150.0%2135
12 Hartland F5–645.5%2010
13 Novi K5–645.5%1955
14 Livonia Franklin E2–918.2%1435
15 Howell D4–6–140.9%1760
15 Northville E3–7–131.8%1545
17 Howell C1–9–113.6%1610
18 Novi J2–918.2%1220

Explanation of Statistics

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