South Alabama Academic Competition Association Scholar Bowl

Date: Wednesday, October 30, 2019 – Friday, February 14, 2020
Host: South Alabama Academic Competition Association (Mobile, AL)
Scoring Rules: NAQT
Packet Set: MS-32

This tournament has not yet finished.

TBD Brewton A2–0100.0%83040415.00
TBD St. Mary A3–0100.0%66040330.00
TBD Phillips Prep B3–0100.0%97560325.00
TBD Wilson Hall A2–0100.0%63040315.00
TBD Clark-Shaw Magnet B3–0100.0%94060313.33
TBD Phillips Prep A3–0100.0%94561309.84
TBD Brewton B2–0100.0%61040305.00
TBD St. Paul's Episcopal B2–0100.0%60040300.00
TBD Clark-Shaw Magnet A3–0100.0%84560281.67
TBD Semmes B2–0100.0%27020270.00
TBD St. Paul's Episcopal A2–0100.0%53540267.50
TBD St. Dominic B3–0100.0%76560255.00
TBD St. Ignatius A3–0100.0%74560248.33
TBD Covenant Christian A3–0100.0%72060240.00
TBD Cottage Hill Christian B3–0100.0%72561237.70
TBD Wilson Hall B2–0100.0%34040170.00
TBD St. Mary B2–166.7%58040290.00
TBD Saraland A2–166.7%84060280.00
TBD Causey A2–166.7%80560268.33
TBD St. Luke's Episcopal A2–166.7%80561263.93
TBD Causey B2–166.7%72560241.67
TBD UMS-Wright B2–166.7%70060233.33
TBD Grand Bay B2–166.7%62560208.33
TBD Saraland B2–166.7%59060196.67
TBD St. Pius X A2–166.7%37040185.00
TBD St. Pius X B2–166.7%35040175.00
TBD Hankins A2–166.7%48560161.67
TBD Corpus Christi B2–250.0%91580228.75
TBD Lott B2–250.0%83080207.50
TBD Scarborough B1–150.0%1254062.50
TBD Christ the King A1–233.3%77560258.33
TBD St. Ignatius B1–233.3%75560251.67
TBD Grand Bay A1–233.3%74560248.33
TBD Christ the King B1–233.3%73061239.34
TBD Covenant Christian B1–233.3%70560235.00
TBD Cottage Hill Christian A1–233.3%68560228.33
TBD Dunbar Magnet A1–233.3%68560228.33
TBD UMS-Wright A1–233.3%62060206.67
TBD St. Dominic A1–233.3%58560195.00
TBD Bayside Academy A1–233.3%17520175.00
TBD Dunbar Magnet B1–233.3%50060166.67
TBD Little Flower Catholic A1–233.3%2806093.33
TBD Burns A1–233.3%2706090.00
TBD Alba B1–233.3%2656088.33
TBD Corpus Christi A1–325.0%66580166.25
TBD Lott A1–325.0%60080150.00
TBD St. Luke's Episcopal B0–30.0%50060166.67
TBD Semmes A0–20.0%31040155.00
TBD Faith Academy A0–20.0%30540152.50
TBD Faith Academy B0–20.0%29040145.00
TBD Alba A0–30.0%42560141.67
TBD Hankins B0–30.0%37560125.00
TBD Jackson A0–20.0%23540117.50
TBD Bayside Academy B0–30.0%10020100.00
TBD Burns B0–30.0%1754087.50
TBD Jackson B0–20.0%1654082.50
TBD Little Flower Catholic B0–30.0%2256075.00
TBD W. S. Neal B0–20.0%1304065.00
TBD Scarborough A0–20.0%1154057.50
TBD W. S. Neal A0–20.0%1054052.50

Explanation of Statistics

Confused about all these statistics? We’ve prepared an overview.