NCASA Quiz Bowl Fall League

Date: Monday, October 18, 2021 – Friday, December 10, 2021
Sponsor: North Carolina Association for Scholastic Activities (Knightdale, NC)
Scoring Rules: NAQT

Premier Division (IS-203A)

# TeamW–L%PointsTUHPP20TUH
1A North Carolina Science and Math A9–190.0%4770200477.00
2A Providence8–280.0%3535200353.50
3A Myers Park5–550.0%2625200262.50
4A North Carolina Science and Math B4–640.0%1895200189.50
5A Atkins Academic & Technology A2–820.0%2435200243.50
5AB Early College at Guilford A2–820.0%1785200178.50

The highlighted teams marked with ‘A’ qualified for the 2022 High School National Championship Tournament.

The highlighted team marked with ‘B’ qualified for the 2022 Small School National Championship Tournament (Open Division).

Championship Division (IS-203A)

# TeamW–L%PointsTUHPP20TUH
1 Massey Hill Classical A9–190.0%2680160335.00
2 Gray Stone A7–370.0%2870200287.00
2 Northwest Guilford7–370.0%2795200279.50
4 Early College at Guilford B4–640.0%1255160156.88
5 STEM Early College1–712.5%76580191.25
6 Jordan-Matthews0–80.0%1300160162.50

The highlighted teams qualified for the 2022 Small School National Championship Tournament (Open Division).

League 1 Division (IS-203A)

# TeamW–L%PointsTUHPP20TUH
1 Concord8–0100.0%2755160344.38
2 Thales Academy-Rolesville7–370.0%2530200253.00
3 Smithfield-Selma5–550.0%1915160239.38
4 Atkins Academic & Technology B3–537.5%1555160194.38
5 Rocky Mount3–730.0%1455200145.50
6 Hickory A2–820.0%1165160145.62

League 2 Division (IS-203A)

# TeamW–L%PointsTUHPP20TUH
1 North Carolina Leadership10–0100.0%2115160264.38
2 Gray Stone B7–370.0%1340160167.50
3 Hickory B6–460.0%1458036.25
4 Massey Hill Classical B3–730.0%615120102.50
5 Durham School of the Arts1–712.5%3908097.50
5 Falls Lake1–712.5%1554077.50

Surry Division (IS-203A)

# TeamW–L%PointsTUHPP20TUH
1 Mount Airy10–0100.0%1450120241.67
2 North Surry8–280.0%1870200187.00
3 Ocracoke6–460.0%1200200120.00
4 Surry Early College3–730.0%49520049.50
4 Surry Central3–730.0%27512045.83
6 Kinston0–100.0%201203.33

The highlighted teams qualified for the 2022 Small School National Championship Tournament (Traditional Public Schools Division).

Major Division (MS-39)

# TeamW–L%PointsTUHPP20TUH
1 Smith Middle B8–280.0%3220200322.00
2 Smith Middle A7–370.0%3195200319.50
3 Academy at Lincoln6–460.0%2675200267.50
4 Robinson Middle5–550.0%1830200183.00
5 Brown Summit Middle A4–640.0%2375200237.50
6 Ligon A0–100.0%1920200192.00

The highlighted teams qualified for the 2022 Middle School National Championship Tournament.

AAA Division (MS-39)

# TeamW–L%PointsTUHPP20TUH
1 Gray Stone A8–280.0%2460200246.00
2 Seventy-First Classical Middle8–280.0%1460140208.57
3 Brown Summit Middle B5–550.0%1505180167.22
4 Ligon B4–450.0%1060120176.67
5 Hanes Magnet3–537.5%835100167.00
6 Thales Academy-Rolesville0–100.0%59014084.29

Coastal Plain Division (MS-39)

# TeamW–L%PointsTUHPP20TUH
1 Southern Nash Middle7–187.5%1035160129.38
2 Gray Stone B7–187.5%875135129.63
3 Edwards Middle4–450.0%620100124.00
4 Albritton Middle2–625.0%39513558.52
5 Red Oak Middle0–80.0%10010020.00

Explanation of Statistics

Confused about all these statistics? We’ve prepared an overview.