Collegiate High at NWFSC School Invitational

Date: Saturday, October 30, 2021
Host: Collegiate High School at NWFSC (Niceville, FL)
Scoring Rules: NAQT

Varsity Division (IS-204) Jump to the Junior Varsity Division

# TeamW–L%Points
1A Leon A9–190.0%1205
2A Thomas County Central (Thomasville, Georgia)8–280.0%905
3A Alma Bryant A (Irvington, Alabama)7–187.5%1075
3AB Collegiate High at NWFSC A7–187.5%1065
5A Lawton Chiles7–187.5%850
5AB Robert F. Munroe6–275.0%510
5A Midtown Classical A5–362.5%825
5A Pensacola Catholic2–625.0%335
9 Pensacola D5–271.4%765
9 Pensacola C5–271.4%650
9 Pensacola B4–357.1%820
9 Fort Walton Beach A4–357.1%745
9 Niceville A4–357.1%685
9 Niceville B3–442.9%710
9 Collegiate High at NWFSC C3–442.9%485
9 Collegiate High at NWFSC B3–442.9%410
17 Leon B5–183.3%770
17 Bainbridge A (Georgia)3–350.0%805
17 Fort Walton Beach B3–350.0%720
17 Pensacola A3–350.0%635
17 Meigs Middle2–433.3%565
17 Niceville C2–433.3%425
17 Rocky Bayou Christian1–516.7%400
17 Midtown Classical B1–516.7%310
17 Bainbridge C (Georgia)1–516.7%275
17 Bainbridge B (Georgia)1–516.7%270
17 Niceville D0–60.0%325
17 Lewis0–60.0%295
17 Alma Bryant B (Irvington, Alabama)0–60.0%245
17 Collegiate High at NWFSC D0–60.0%125

The highlighted teams marked with ‘A’ qualified for the 2022 High School National Championship Tournament.

The highlighted teams marked with ‘B’ qualified for the 2022 Small School National Championship Tournament (Open Division).

Junior Varsity Division (IS-202A)

# Team
? Bainbridge C (Georgia)
? Fort Walton Beach B
? Leon B
? Lewis
? Meigs Middle
? Pensacola D

Explanation of Statistics

Confused about all these statistics? We’ve prepared an overview.