Pebble Hills Academic Challenge

Date: Saturday, April 15, 2023
Host: Pebble Hills High School (El Paso, TX)
Scoring Rules: NAQT with Lightning
Packet Set: IS-219
# TeamW–L%PointsTUHPP20TUH
1A Eastlake A7–187.5%1425128222.66
2A El Paso A7–187.5%1525128238.28
3A Eastlake B6–185.7%925112165.18
3A Montwood B5–271.4%745112133.04
5A Franklin A5–183.3%131596273.96
5A Coronado A5–183.3%111596232.29
5A El Paso B5–183.3%97596203.12
5A Franklin B4–266.7%87096181.25
9 Irvin4–180.0%55580138.75
9 Andress4–180.0%49080122.50
9 Coronado B3–260.0%61580153.75
9B Northwest Early College A3–260.0%52580131.25
9B Young Women's Leadership A3–260.0%44580111.25
9 Chapin3–260.0%2758068.75
9 Clint3–260.0%2708067.50
9 Ysleta A2–340.0%80580201.25
17 Burges2–250.0%43564135.94
18 J. M. Hanks B2–250.0%39564123.44
19 Austin2–250.0%37064115.62
20 Eastwood2–250.0%33564104.69
20 Jefferson A2–250.0%33564104.69
22B Transmountain2–250.0%32564101.56
23 Pebble Hills2–250.0%3056495.31
24 J. M. Hanks A2–250.0%2756485.94
25 Valle Verde1–325.0%3156498.44
26 Ysleta B1–325.0%2156467.19
27 Northwest Early College B1–325.0%2056464.06
28 Montwood A1–325.0%1456445.31
29 Young Women's Leadership B1–325.0%1306440.62
30 Young Women's Leadership C1–325.0%1006431.25
31 Northwest Early College C0–40.0%2256470.31
32 Mission Early College B0–40.0%1956460.94
33 Jefferson B0–40.0%1356442.19
34 Del Valle A0–40.0%1256439.06
35 Mission Early College A0–40.0%1206437.50
36 Mountain View0–40.0%1106434.38
37 Del Valle B0–40.0%1006431.25
38 Del Valle C0–40.0%406412.50

The highlighted teams marked with ‘A’ qualified for the 2023 High School National Championship Tournament.

The highlighted teams marked with ‘B’ qualified for the 2023 Small School National Championship Tournament (Open Division).

Explanation of Statistics

Confused about all these statistics? We’ve prepared an overview.