14th Annual TQBA Middle School Championship

Date: Saturday, March 25, 2023
Sponsor: Texas Quiz Bowl Alliance (Katy, TX)
Scoring Rules: NAQT
Tex Con TeamW–L–T%PointsTUHPP20TUH
1A Beckendorff A11–191.7%4645240387.08
2A Greenhill A9–281.8%3475220315.91
3A BASIS Pflugerville A9–190.0%3130200313.00
3A Beckendorff B4–640.0%2275200227.50
5A Adams A5–455.6%2885180320.56
5A T. H. Rogers A5–455.6%2430180270.00
5A BASIS Austin A4–544.4%1785180198.33
5A Greenhill B4–544.4%1760180195.56
9 Annunciation Orthodox A6–275.0%2845160355.62
9 St. John's A3–4–143.8%1465160183.12
9 T. H. Rogers B3–537.5%1415160176.88
9 Kinkaid3–537.5%1330160166.25
9 T. H. Rogers C3–537.5%1010160126.25
9 Gorzycki A2–625.0%1400160175.00
9 St. Thomas' Episcopal1–6–118.8%1255160156.88
9 Adams B1–712.5%1010160126.25
17 Beckendorff C1–614.3%940140134.29
18 Adams C1–614.3%915140130.71
19 Beckendorff D0–70.0%68514097.86
20 T. H. Rogers D0–70.0%12014017.14
1B Challenger-Strawberry Park B (San Jose, California)11–0100.0%4100220372.73
2B Classen SAS (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)8–280.0%3075200307.50
3B BASIS McLean (Virginia)7–277.8%2445180271.67
3B Washington Connections (Tumwater)6–366.7%3090180343.33
5 Cooper (McLean, Virginia)5–362.5%2865160358.12
5 Challenger-Strawberry Park A (San Jose, California)5–362.5%2575160321.88
5 North (Boise, Idaho)5–362.5%2310160288.75
5 Challenger-Strawberry Park C (San Jose, California)4–450.0%2110160263.75
9 Richmond (Hanover, New Hampshire)3–442.9%1795140256.43
10 Anderson B (New York, New York)3–442.9%1520140217.14
11 Anderson A (New York, New York)2–528.6%1625140232.14
12 Chadbourne Elementary (Fremont, California)0–70.0%870140124.29

The highlighted teams marked with ‘A’ qualified for the 2023 Middle School National Championship Tournament via the Texas ranking.

The highlighted teams marked with ‘B’ qualified for the 2023 Middle School National Championship Tournament via the Continental ranking.

# TeamW–L–T%PointsTUHPP20TUH
1 River Oaks Baptist A8–188.9%2130180236.67
2 St. John's B7–277.8%2060180228.89
3 Beck6–275.0%1910160238.75
3 Annunciation Orthodox B5–362.5%1345160168.12
5 St. John's D4–450.0%1060160132.50
5 River Oaks Baptist B4–450.0%980160122.50
5 Gorzycki B3–442.9%940140134.29
5 BASIS Austin B3–537.5%1265160158.12
9 Adams D2–528.6%66014094.29
9 BASIS Pflugerville B1–614.3%59014084.29
9 Anderson C (New York, New York)0–70.0%31514045.00

Elementary School Division (IS-220A)

# TeamW–L–T%PointsTUHPP20TUH
1 Finan Homeschool (Newcastle, Washington)9–0100.0%2230180247.78
2 Annunciation Orthodox C8–188.9%1880180208.89
3 Greenhill C6–275.0%1855160231.88
3 BASIS Austin C5–362.5%1470160183.75
5 University School of Nashville A (Tennessee)4–450.0%1160160145.00
5 St. John's C3–442.9%845140120.71
5 Annunciation Orthodox D3–537.5%1090160136.25
5 Colvin Run Elementary (Vienna, Virginia)3–537.5%1025160128.12
5 University School of Nashville B (Tennessee)1–614.3%65014092.86
5 Challenger-Strawberry Park D (San Jose, California)1–614.3%51014072.86
5 Annunciation Orthodox E0–70.0%40514057.86

Explanation of Statistics

Confused about all these statistics? We’ve prepared an overview.