SKT China Championship

Date: Friday, August 11, 2023 – Monday, August 14, 2023
Host: SKT Education Group (Shenzhen, China)
Scoring Rules: NAQT

Pro Division: 23CC-A (shares with IS-218A and IS-220A)

# TeamW–L%PointsTUHPP20TUH
1 Keystone (Beijing)9–190.0%3140180348.89
2 Camford Royal Beijing B9–375.0%2615220237.73
3 Shenzhen CIE (Guangdong)9–190.0%2630180292.22
3 Beijing National Day B6–460.0%2215200221.50
5 Shanghai Pinghe9–190.0%2985180331.67
5 BASIS Guangzhou (Guangdong)9–190.0%2180200218.00
7 Admiral Farragut Tianjin6–275.0%1100160137.50
7 Chongqing Depu Foreign Language6–366.7%1405180156.11
7 Beijing 21st Century5–362.5%1460160182.50
7 Tsinghua International Daoxiang Lake + Maple Leaf Int'l Wuhan5–362.5%1010160126.25
7 Chengdu Foreign Languages International A (Sichuan)3–633.3%915180101.67
7 Chengdu Foreign Languages International B (Sichuan)2–625.0%18016022.50
13 Beijing Experimental + Beijing Affiliated + Hohhot + Renmin6–185.7%855140122.14
13 Beijing National Day A5–362.5%1005160125.62
13 Haidian Kaiwen (Beijing)4–357.1%840140120.00
13 SMIC (Shanghai)4–450.0%1100160137.50
13 Tsinghua Daoxiang Lake Campus (Beijing)4–450.0%865160108.12
13 Capital Normal University High (Beijing)4–450.0%855160106.88
13 Jinan Foreign Language International (Jinan City)4–450.0%46516058.12
13 Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Shiyan School + Beijing Haidian A3–537.5%66516083.12
13 Shanghai United International-Wuxi A2–625.0%50016062.50
13 Kang Chiao International Xi'An QuJiang (Xian)1–614.3%41514059.29
23 Beijing Chaoyang Limai A2–433.3%47512079.17
24 Haidian Kaiwen + Beijing 21st Century International2–528.6%12014017.14
25 Camford Royal School of Beijing + Beijing Haidianqu Shangli A1–420.0%16510033.00
26 Beijing Academy1–614.3%33514047.86
27 Camford Royal Beijing A1–614.3%23514033.57
28 Haidian Kaiwen Academy + Minhang Crosspoint Academy at Shanghai1–614.3%22514032.14
29 Beijing 21st Century International + Chongqing Yucai1–614.3%7014010.00
30 International Department, The Affiliated High School of SCNU (Guangzhou)0–60.0%27512045.83
31 International Beijing + Tsinghua International + Tsinghua0–70.0%21514030.71

The highlighted teams qualified for the 2024 High School National Championship Tournament.

Pre Division: 23CC-B (shares with MSNCT-23, MS-45, and MS-46)

# TeamW–L%PointsTUHPP20TUH
TBD BASIS Nanjing (Jiangsu)10–0100.0%3695200369.50
TBD Shanghai Baoshan World + Living Word Shanghai + Zhejiang Fuyang9–0100.0%1810180201.11
TBD Qingdao No.9 Shandong 9 (Qingdao City)7–187.5%1490160186.25
TBD Beijing AiDi7–187.5%1210160151.25
TBD Beijing No.2 + International Department of Beijing No.27–187.5%1175160146.88
TBD Zhejiang Province Hangzhou No.146–185.7%1320140188.57
TBD Yiwu Qunxing Foreign Languages6–185.7%915140130.71
TBD RDFZ Chaoyang D (Beijing)6–185.7%810140115.71
TBD Shandong Experimental (Jinan City)7–277.8%1290180143.33
TBD Beijing Chaoyang Limai B6–275.0%1325160165.62
TBD Beijing Royal5–271.4%1610140230.00
TBD AP Program High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal5–271.4%1235140176.43
TBD Huaai Preparatory (Chengdu)7–370.0%1480200148.00
TBD Beijing Chaoyang Limai C5–362.5%880160110.00
TBD Jinan Foreign Language International Center + RDFZ Chaoyang5–362.5%75016093.75
TBD Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Shiyan + Menaul Qingdao4–357.1%1270140181.43
TBD RDFZ Chaoyang A (Beijing)4–357.1%1020140145.71
TBD Chengdu Golden Apple Jincheng No.1 International4–357.1%890140127.14
TBD Hainan Haidian Foreign Language Shi Yan + SUZHOU SCIENCE&TECHNOL4–357.1%720140102.86
TBD Maple Leaf Wuhan A (Hubei)4–357.1%720140102.86
TBD Maple Leaf Wuhan B (Hubei)4–357.1%64014091.43
TBD Shanghai Foreign Language School Affiliated to SISU Hangzhou4–357.1%57014081.43
TBD High School Attached to Shandong Normal (Jinan)4–357.1%30514043.57
TBD JPED Academy (Beijing)4–357.1%29514042.14
TBD Shanghai United International-Wuxi B3–350.0%705120117.50
TBD Chengdu Foreign Languages International + Chengdu Foreign Langua4–450.0%56016070.00
TBD International Department of Chongqing No.83–442.9%39514056.43
TBD Jinan Tianshan Experimental3–442.9%36514052.14
TBD Second Attached to Beijing Normal-International2–433.3%620120103.33
TBD Jiangsu Tianyi A (Wuxi)2–433.3%44012073.33
TBD Jiangsu Tianyi B (Wuxi)2–433.3%44012073.33
TBD Beijing Huiwen Experimental + Beijing Huiwen Sino-America2–433.3%35512059.17
TBD Beijing International Bilingual + Jinan Xinhang Experimental2–433.3%26512044.17
TBD Wuhan Ulink College of China Optics Valley2–433.3%23512039.17
TBD RDFZ Chaoyang C (Beijing)2–528.6%67514096.43
TBD Beijing Huiwen Middle International Sino-America2–528.6%58514083.57
TBD Beijing Mingcheng + Chengdu Foreign + Jinhua New Oriental + HS A1–516.7%23512039.17
TBD Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Shiyan School + Beijing Haidian B1–516.7%16012026.67
TBD Hohhot No.2 + Maple Leaf Hohhot + Jinan Xinhang Experimental1–516.7%11012018.33
TBD Shanghai Datong1–516.7%11012018.33
TBD Barstow Ningbo1–516.7%9012015.00
TBD Henan Experimental (Zhengzhou)1–516.7%9012015.00
TBD Camford Royal School of Beijing + Beijing Haidianqu Shangli B1–516.7%7512012.50
TBD RDFZ Chaoyang B (Beijing)0–60.0%55512092.50
TBD Chengdu Foreign Languages - Canadian0–60.0%16512027.50
TBD Jinan Xinhang Experimental Foreign Language0–60.0%14512024.17
TBD Chongqing Yucai0–60.0%11012018.33
TBD Jiangxi Hanvos (Nanchang)0–60.0%8512014.17
TBD Zhejiang Fuyang (Hangzhou)0–60.0%6512010.83

Explanation of Statistics

Confused about all these statistics? We’ve prepared an overview.