Princeton High School Academic Bowl Tournament

Date: Saturday, November 20, 2004
Host: Princeton University (Princeton, NJ)
Scoring Rules: NAQT
Packet Set: IS-46
# TeamW–L%Points
1 Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech A (Alexandria, Virginia)10–0100.0%5025
2 State College A (Pennsylvania)10–0100.0%4320
3 Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech B (Alexandria, Virginia)9–190.0%4360
4 Irmo (Columbia, South Carolina)11–0100.0%4085
5 Gonzaga (Washington, District of Columbia)11–0100.0%4580
5 Georgetown Day A (Washington, District of Columbia)11–0100.0%3860
5 Smithtown West A (New York)10–190.9%3555
5 Columbia A10–190.9%3175
9 Thomas Jefferson Science & Tech C (Alexandria, Virginia)10–190.9%3685
9 Bloomfield A9–190.0%2680
9 Horace Greeley (Chappaqua, New York)8–188.9%2375
9 Kellenberg A (Uniondale, New York)9–281.8%3745
9 North Shore A (Glen Head, New York)9–281.8%2450
9 Conestoga (Berwyn, Pennsylvania)8–280.0%2860
9 Half Hollow Hills West A (Dix Hills, New York)8–280.0%2505
9 Livingston A7–370.0%2845
17 Wilmington Charter B (Delaware)8–372.7%2590
18 Christian Brothers8–372.7%2375
19 Wilmington Charter A (Delaware)7–370.0%2880
20 New Milford A (Connecticut)7–370.0%2820
21 West Chester East A (Pennsylvania)7–370.0%2630
22 State College B (Pennsylvania)7–370.0%2295
23 New Milford B (Connecticut)7–370.0%1955
24 West Chester East B (Pennsylvania)7–463.6%1750
25 White Plains A (New York)6–460.0%2295
26 Seton Hall Prep A6–460.0%2170
27 New Milford C (Connecticut)6–460.0%1895
28 Haverford School B (Pennsylvania)6–460.0%1810
29 Wilmington Charter C (Delaware)6–460.0%1510
30 Wilmington Charter D (Delaware)6–460.0%1465
31 Bloomfield C6–554.5%1775
32 Irvington A (New York)5–550.0%2195
33 Kellenberg E (Uniondale, New York)5–550.0%1695
34 Half Hollow Hills West C (Dix Hills, New York)5–550.0%1640
35 Lenape Valley A5–645.5%1900
36 White Plains B (New York)5–645.5%1540
37 Woodbridge5–645.5%780
38 Georgetown Day B (Washington, District of Columbia)4–640.0%1900
39 Ranney A4–640.0%1780
40 Half Hollow Hills West B (Dix Hills, New York)4–640.0%1720
41 Irvington B (New York)4–640.0%1330
42 North Shore B (Glen Head, New York)4–640.0%935
43 Northern Highlands3–537.5%1035
44 Haverford School A (Pennsylvania)4–736.4%2105
45 Smithtown West B (New York)4–736.4%1320
46 Half Hollow Hills West E (Dix Hills, New York)4–736.4%1305
47 Wilmington Charter E (Delaware)4–736.4%1215
48 Livingston B3–730.0%1455
49 Seton Hall Prep B3–730.0%1290
50 Colonia3–730.0%1270
51 New Milford D (Connecticut)3–827.3%670
52 Newton A2–722.2%885
53 White Plains C (New York)2–820.0%1310
54 Irvington C (New York)2–820.0%1035
55 State College C (Pennsylvania)2–820.0%1010
56 Kellenberg C (Uniondale, New York)2–820.0%880
57 Newton B2–820.0%720
58 Lenape Valley B2–820.0%660
59 West Chester East C (Pennsylvania)2–918.2%755
60 Ranney C2–918.2%580
61 Kellenberg B (Uniondale, New York)2–918.2%550
62 Bloomfield B1–910.0%1450
63 Half Hollow Hills West D (Dix Hills, New York)1–910.0%755
64 Ranney B1–910.0%595
65 White Plains D (New York)1–109.1%630
66 North Shore C (Glen Head, New York)1–109.1%605
67 Columbia B0–110.0%500
68 Lenape Valley C0–100.0%430
69 Kellenberg D (Uniondale, New York)0–100.0%290

Explanation of Statistics

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