Charter Middle School Challenge

Date: Saturday, March 8, 2014
Host: The Charter School of Wilmington (Wilmington, DE)
Scoring Rules: NAQT

Varsity Division (MS-10) Jump to the Junior Varsity Division

# TeamW–L%
1 Independence A10–0100.0%
2 Middlesex A (Darien, Connecticut)9–190.0%
3 Longfellow (Falls Church, Virginia)9–190.0%
4 Independence B8–280.0%
5 Independence C6–275.0%
5 Middlesex B (Darien, Connecticut)6–275.0%
5 P. S. duPont A6–275.0%
5 St. Augustine A (Elkridge, Maryland)6–275.0%
9 Newark Charter A7–370.0%
10 Newark Charter B6–460.0%
11 Middlesex C (Darien, Connecticut)6–366.7%
11 Newark Charter C5–455.6%
13 All Saints A4–450.0%
13 All Saints B4–450.0%
13 St. Stephen's Episcopal A (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)4–450.0%
13 Wilmington Charter4–450.0%
17 P. S. duPont B7–370.0%
18 Teaneck Charter A (New Jersey)5–550.0%
19 Brandywine Springs A3–633.3%
19 St. Augustine B (Elkridge, Maryland)3–633.3%
21 Brandywine Springs G3–537.5%
21 Middlesex D (Darien, Connecticut)3–537.5%
21 St. Stephen's Episcopal B (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)3–537.5%
21 Independence D2–625.0%
25 Brandywine Springs D1–614.3%
25 Brandywine Springs E1–614.3%
25 Ursuline A1–614.3%
25 Ursuline C1–614.3%
29 All Saints C0–70.0%
29 Brandywine Springs B0–70.0%
29 Brandywine Springs C0–70.0%
29 Brandywine Springs F0–70.0%

The highlighted teams qualified for the 2014 Middle School National Championship Tournament.

Junior Varsity Division (MS-10) Jump to the Varsity Division

# TeamW–L%
1 Tenafly (New Jersey)10–0100.0%
2 Independence E9–190.0%
3 Independence F9–190.0%
4 Teaneck Charter B (New Jersey)6–460.0%
5 All Saints E5–362.5%
5 Middlesex E (Darien, Connecticut)5–362.5%
5 Shue Medill B5–362.5%
5 St. Stephen's Episcopal C (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)5–362.5%
9 Shue Medill A6–460.0%
10 Independence H6–460.0%
11 Shue Medill D4–544.4%
11 St. Augustine C (Elkridge, Maryland)4–544.4%
13 All Saints D2–625.0%
13 Independence G2–625.0%
13 Shue Medill E2–625.0%
13 Ursuline B2–625.0%
17 Shue Medill F3–633.3%
18 Shue Medill C3–633.3%
19 Odyssey Charter B1–712.5%
19 Odyssey Charter A0–80.0%

Explanation of Statistics

Confused about all these statistics? We’ve prepared an overview.