Michigan Inter-County League

Date: Tuesday, November 1, 2016 – Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Host: Inter-County League (Livonia, MI)
Scoring Rules: NAQT with Bouncebacks

Varsity Division (IS-158) Jump to the Junior Varsity Division Jump to the Novice Division

1 Detroit Country Day A13–0100.0%6830
2 Livonia Churchill A12–192.3%4275
3 Detroit Jesuit A9–469.2%4470
4 Novi A9–469.2%3465
5 Farmington10–376.9%3030
6 Detroit Country Day B9–469.2%2800
6 Livonia Churchill B8–561.5%2550
6 Hartland8–561.5%2500
9 Detroit Jesuit B8–561.5%2775
10 Northville8–561.5%2690
11 Howell7–653.8%2705
12 Brother Rice A4–930.8%1965
13 Farmington Hills Mercy5–838.5%1910
14 Livonia Stevenson A5–838.5%1615
15 Thurston4–930.8%1555
16 Livonia Franklin4–930.8%1550
17 Novi B6–746.2%2560
18 Detroit Jesuit C3–1023.1%1930
19 Novi C4–930.8%1785
20 Brother Rice B2–1115.4%1435
21 Livonia Churchill C4–930.8%1875
22 Livonia Stevenson B1–127.7%1430

The highlighted teams qualified for the 2017 High School National Championship Tournament.

Junior Varsity Division (IS-155A) Jump to the Varsity Division Jump to the Novice Division

1 Detroit Jesuit JV A14–0100.0%4865
1 Detroit Jesuit JV C14–0100.0%4535
3 Hartland JV9–375.0%2550
4 Novi JV A7–558.3%2445
5 International Academy Okma JV13–192.9%3460
6 Detroit Country Day JV A10–471.4%3130
7 Novi JV B7–558.3%2240
8 Livonia Stevenson JV6–650.0%2145
9 Detroit Jesuit JV B9–564.3%3070
9 Detroit Jesuit JV E9–564.3%2805
9 Novi JV D7–558.3%2420
12 Howell JV6–650.0%2315
13 Frankel Jewish JV A8–657.1%2845
14 Livonia Churchill JV A6–650.0%2250
15 Frankel Jewish JV B7–750.0%2365
16 Livonia Churchill JV B3–925.0%1305
17 Detroit Country Day JV C8–657.1%2465
17 Brother Rice JV6–842.9%2265
17 Novi JV C2–1016.7%1555
20 Livonia Franklin JV0–120.0%585
21 Detroit Country Day JV B6–842.9%1630
22 Detroit Jesuit JV D5–935.7%1830
23 Farmington Hills Mercy JV5–935.7%1515
24 Detroit Country Day JV D3–1121.4%1345
25 Thurston JV2–1214.3%1265
26 Farmington JV0–140.0%1705

The highlighted team qualified for the 2017 Small School National Championship Tournament (Charter and Private Division).

Novice Division (MS-19) Jump to the Varsity Division Jump to the Junior Varsity Division

1 Livonia Stevenson11–191.7%3880
2 Livonia Churchill C11–191.7%3585
3 Frankel Jewish5–550.0%1870
4 Farmington5–550.0%2050
5 Livonia Churchill B9–375.0%3480
6 Farmington Hills Mercy3–730.0%1915
7 Northville6–650.0%2750
8 Howell4–833.3%2545
9 Novi A6–650.0%2655
10 Hartland Middle B5–741.7%2755
11 Livonia Churchill A4–833.3%2335
12 Novi B2–918.2%2250
13 Hartland Middle A3–827.3%2230

Explanation of Statistics

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