Columbia Cup Spring Championship

Date: Saturday, February 17, 2018
Host: Columbia University (New York, NY)
Scoring Rules: NAQT

National Division (SSNCT-17 (1-17)) Jump to the Standard Division

# TeamW–L%PointsTUHPP20TUH
1A Hunter A9–0100.0%4320180480.00
2A Bard Early College Manhattan A8–188.9%3485180387.22
3AB High Tech A (Lincroft, New Jersey)6–366.7%3915180435.00
3A Darien A (Connecticut)6–366.7%3770180418.89
3A Wilmington Charter (Delaware)6–366.7%3330180370.00
6A St. Joseph A (Metuchen, New Jersey)3–633.3%2950180327.78
7 East Brunswick A (New Jersey)6–366.7%2695180299.44
7 Island Trees A6–366.7%2380160297.50
7 Wilton (Connecticut)6–366.7%2300160287.50
10 Great Neck South4–544.4%1950160243.75
10 St. Joseph B (Metuchen, New Jersey)4–544.4%1705160213.12
12 Commack2–722.2%1235100247.00
13B Trinity School A5–455.6%2610180290.00
14 Kings Park A4–544.4%2095180232.78
15 Lawrenceville School A (New Jersey)3–633.3%2035180226.11
16 Hunter B2–722.2%1545180171.67
17B Dalton School1–811.1%1550180172.22
18 Bronx Science A0–90.0%1185180131.67

The highlighted teams marked with ‘A’ qualified for the 2018 High School National Championship Tournament.

The highlighted teams marked with ‘B’ qualified for the 2018 Small School National Championship Tournament (Open Division).

Standard Division (SSNCT-17 (1-17)) Jump to the National Division

# TeamW–L%PointsTUHPP20TUH
1 North Babylon A8–0100.0%3465160433.12
2 High Tech B (Lincroft, New Jersey)7–187.5%2810160351.25
3 Port Jefferson6–185.7%1490140212.86
3 High Tech C (Lincroft, New Jersey)4–357.1%2505140357.86
5 East Brunswick B (New Jersey)5–271.4%1930140275.71
5 Lawrenceville School B (New Jersey)4–357.1%1795140256.43
7 Trinity School B3–442.9%1160140165.71
7 Kings Park B3–442.9%1005140143.57
9 Wheatley5–271.4%2245140320.71
10 Island Trees B4–357.1%1595140227.86
11 East Brunswick C (New Jersey)3–442.9%1100140157.14
12 Lawrenceville School C (New Jersey)2–528.6%1355140193.57
13 Darien B (Connecticut)5–271.4%2125140303.57
14 North Babylon B3–442.9%1055140150.71
15 Preston2–528.6%730140104.29
16 Bard Early College Manhattan B1–614.3%950140135.71
17 Cardinal Spellman3–442.9%915140130.71
18 Bronx Science B2–528.6%890140127.14
19 Al-Noor B1–614.3%43514062.14
20 Al-Noor A0–70.0%8514012.14

The highlighted team qualified for the 2018 Small School National Championship Tournament (Traditional Public Schools Division).

Explanation of Statistics

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