San Diego City Schools Academic League

Date: Thursday, January 24, 2019 – Tuesday, April 2, 2019
Host: San Diego Unified School District (San Diego, CA)
Scoring Rules: Straight Tossup/Bonus

Varsity Division (IS-179 and IS-181) Jump to the Junior Varsity Division Jump to the Novice Division

1A Bishop's School9–0100.0%4010164350.61
2A La Jolla7–277.8%3090154334.42
3A Serra7–187.5%2345160260.00
3A Coronado6–275.0%1685166186.75
5A Patrick Henry6–185.7%2530158320.25
6A Scripps Ranch5–271.4%2655161329.81
7AB Mt. Everest5–271.4%1810162223.46
8A St. Augustine5–271.4%1490151197.35
9A Our Lady of Peace4–357.1%1470149197.32
10A Mission Bay4–357.1%1315140187.86
11A San Diego High4–357.1%1285138186.23
12 Point Loma4–357.1%1385162170.99
13 Francis Parker3–442.9%1610165195.15
14 Cathedral Catholic3–442.9%1340143187.41
15 University City2–528.6%1265165153.33
16 Clairemont2–528.6%1000147136.05
17 Madison2–528.6%790144109.72
18 Hoover2–528.6%730139105.04
19 Morse2–528.6%61014882.43
20 San Diego Creative2–528.6%58514680.14
21 La Jolla Country Day1–614.3%1245156159.62
22 Mira Mesa1–614.3%1220154158.44
23B Victory Christian1–614.3%56515473.38
24 Creative & Performing Arts0–70.0%33512653.17

The highlighted teams marked with ‘A’ qualified for the 2019 High School National Championship Tournament.

The highlighted teams marked with ‘B’ qualified for the 2019 Small School National Championship Tournament (Open Division).

Junior Varsity Division (IS-178A and IS-180A) Jump to the Varsity Division Jump to the Novice Division

1 Bishop's School7–0100.0%3195169378.11
2 Serra7–0100.0%1565117267.52
3 Our Lady of Peace6–185.7%2010138291.30
4 Scripps Ranch5–271.4%2375142334.51
5 Mt. Everest5–271.4%147099296.97
6 Coronado5–271.4%1280118216.95
7 Morse5–271.4%1170126185.71
8 St. Augustine5–271.4%1290145177.93
9 Francis Parker4–357.1%2205153288.24
10 University City4–357.1%1990152261.84
11 La Jolla4–357.1%1635138236.96
12 Patrick Henry4–357.1%1580146216.44
13 Mission Bay4–357.1%1270138184.06
14 Creative & Performing Arts3–442.9%1100132166.67
15 Victory Christian3–442.9%840117143.59
16 Cathedral Catholic2–528.6%1245132188.64
17 San Diego Creative2–528.6%1200129186.05
18 San Diego High2–528.6%1125134167.91
19 Hoover2–528.6%940123152.85
20 Point Loma2–528.6%845129131.01
21 Mira Mesa1–614.3%1320139189.93
22 La Jolla Country Day1–614.3%870143121.68
23 Clairemont1–614.3%780142109.86
24 Madison0–70.0%855135126.67

Novice Division (MS-27 and MS-29) Jump to the Varsity Division Jump to the Junior Varsity Division

1 La Jolla6–185.7%2805133421.80
2 Scripps Ranch6–185.7%2440127384.25
3 Coronado5–271.4%1390103269.90
4 San Diego Creative5–271.4%1425106268.87
5 San Diego High5–271.4%1465109268.81
6 La Jolla Country Day5–271.4%1535118260.17
7 Serra5–271.4%124598254.08
8 Madison5–271.4%1460116251.72
9 Bishop's School4–357.1%1905143266.43
10 Point Loma4–357.1%123594262.77
11 Our Lady of Peace4–357.1%1505115261.74
12 Patrick Henry4–357.1%1375121227.27
13 St. Augustine4–357.1%1115121184.30
14 Mt. Everest3–442.9%74032462.50
15 Morse3–442.9%985109180.73
16 Mission Bay3–442.9%85099171.72
17 Cathedral Catholic2–528.6%1145116197.41
18 Clairemont2–528.6%845112150.89
19 Creative & Performing Arts2–528.6%61594130.85
20 Victory Christian2–528.6%64099129.29
21 Mira Mesa1–614.3%1370123222.76
22 University City0–70.0%875134130.60
23 Hoover0–70.0%40011072.73
Francis Parker4–357.1%1900136279.41

Explanation of Statistics

Confused about all these statistics? We’ve prepared an overview.