Power Up: Focus on Modern Classical Music

This is the fifth of NAQT’s line of Power Up quiz bowl study guides. It is intended to bring new players up to a level of basic competence on questions about classical music from the late 19th century to the present.

The study guide contains the following:

  • A diagnostic Pretest for assessing which players could benefit from the guide. This quiz is also available on the NAQT web site (for free) so that coaches can judge whether the study guide will be useful to their players.

  • Laminated Topic Lists with core information that players need to learn.

  • Practice Questions taken from NAQT’s past tournament sets on which students’ progress can be evaluated.

  • Topic Cards for use in optional drills and supplemental question-writing projects.

  • A Posttest for measuring a player’s performance after using the study guide; students’ scores can be compared to their diagnostic scores.

  • A Coach’s Guide for getting the most out of the Power Up materials.

This Power Up study guide costs $30, including free standard-speed shipping within the U.S. It can be ordered via NAQT’s website or by calling NAQT at 888‑411‑6278 (“NAQT”).

The Power Up study guide suggests these books for further reading: