Power Up Study Guides

Quiz bowl can be a daunting world for new players to step into. Even with three teammates, the challenge involved in being able to answer questions on pretty much anything that might have been covered in school—plus material that goes beyond coursework!—is a significant one. It’s no easy task for a coach to have a team ready to meet that challenge year after year.

In 2015 NAQT launched a new series of Power Up study guides to help coaches fill holes in their teams’ knowledge by bringing players up to speed in specific areas. Each study guide will focus on a subject like “Romantic Art” or “Organic Chemistry” and have the goal of getting a completely new player to a level of consistently scoring points on questions typical of NAQT’s Regular Invitational Series.

Each Power Up study guide will contain the following materials, which are designed for reuse from year to year:

  • A diagnostic Pretest for assessing which players could benefit from the study guide. In most cases this pretest will also be available on the NAQT web site (for free) so that coaches can assess their players without having to purchase the study guide.

  • Laminated Topic Lists with core information that players need to learn.

  • Practice Questions taken from NAQT’s past tournament sets on which students’ progress can be evaluated.

  • Topic Cards for use in optional drills and supplemental question-writing projects.

  • A Posttest for measuring a player’s performance after using the study guide; students’ scores can be compared to their pretest scores.

  • A Coach’s Guide for getting the most out of the Power Up materials.

The following Power Up study guides are available (listed in order of release). Orders can be placed on our practice materials page or by calling NAQT at 888‑411‑6278 (“NAQT”).

NAQT intends to continue releasing new Power Up study guides as resources and demand allow. Each Power Up study guide costs $30, including free standard-speed shipping within the U.S.

NAQT also sells Frequency List study guides that are straightforward listings of topics together with creators, creation dates, and the number of times they have come up in NAQT’s sets. The Power Up study guides will cover many fewer works, but will go into much greater detail about what players should know about the most common ones.

The Power Up: Focus on American Poetry package