NAQT to Supply Virginia High School League Scholastic Bowl Questions

Starting in 2017–2018, NAQT will provide questions in the style of the Virginia High School League’s Scholastic Bowl program.

NAQT will produce 24 regular-season packets in the VHSL format that will be available for district play, dual/triangular/quad meets, invitationals, and other matches before Regionals. These questions can be ordered by filling out a form (which requires a free account), writing to, or calling 888‑411‑6278 (“NAQT”).

Additionally, NAQT will provide the questions for the VHSL State Championship, and will have questions available for VHSL Regional and Super-Regional tournaments.

A sample packet is available (using questions from NAQT’s 2015–2016 sets).

NAQT encourages teams interested in practice material to peruse our offerings. In addition to the highly discounted New High School Package, we recommend Introductory Invitational Series questions (the sets listed as “Invitational Series #xxxA”) as practice material for the regular season, and Invitational Series (the ones whose names don’t end in “A”) as practice material for Regionals, Super-Regionals, and State. These packet sets have tossups with three-part bonuses from NAQT’s national format, and no directed rounds.

Teams who wish to play NAQT’s VHSL questions in 2017–2018 must not play Invitational Series #169A, #171A, #172, or #174. These sets will not be used for any tournaments in Virginia, but teams who wish to travel out-of-state must be aware of the issue.

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