You Gotta Know These United States Presidential Elections

Every U.S. presidential election is fair game for quiz bowl questions, but some elections are asked about very frequently, either for the unusual nature of the election (e.g., 1876), for the extraordinary significance of the election in American history (e.g., 1860), or for the people involved (e.g., 1912).

Other notable election events include James K. Polk’s win as a “dark horse” candidate in 1844, Grover Cleveland’s loss in 1888 despite winning the popular vote, Woodrow Wilson’s narrow victory in 1916, Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s defeats of Herbert Hoover in 1932 and Wendell Willkie in 1940, Ronald Reagan’s victory in 1980, and Bill Clinton’s win in 1992 over George H. W. Bush and Ross Perot.

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