Privacy Policy

This policy was last updated on June 30, 2023.

Sharing Data

NAQT collects data on schools who participate in academic competition, and contact information for coaches, players, and other personnel, from a variety of sources. We share the data in the following ways:

We do not license or share contact information for marketing purposes except as described above and/or as described on pages that gather information for other specific purposes (e.g., signing up to receive information from a marketing partner).

Removal of Public Information

We post results from tournaments. We are committed to preserving the history of quiz bowl and strongly prefer not to remove results.

Upon request, we will obscure a player’s statistical results by changing their full last name to a last initial if all of the following conditions hold:

Such requests should be sent to by the player themself.

Results are generally not removed or obscured except as described above, unless there is an extraordinarily compelling reason, typically legal orders or the reasonable expectation of physical harm.


We honor requests from individuals to remove themselves from our marketing lists. We also accept such requests from parents and legal guardians of minors. We do not accept other third-party requests for removal. Requests should be sent to


We collect data on how our website is used so that we can understand our customers’ (and prospective customers’) needs, make our website more useful, fix bugs, and otherwise improve the site. We do not share individual data with anyone else. Our website analytics software is self-hosted. We may share aggregate data (e.g. total number of visitors in a given time period) with prospective sponsors or other organizations.