Online Tournament Guide

Moderator Information


    This page of NAQT’s online tournament guide details the responsibilities and tasks of a moderator that are specific to online tournaments. It assumes you are familiar with the basics of quiz bowl, including gameplay rules, reading questions, and evaluating responses. If these topics are new to you, seek guidance from the tournament director, your local quiz bowl association, or NAQT itself.

    As with the rest of this guide, this page assumes the tournament is following NAQT’s recommendations for videoconferencing technologies, game format, rule changes, and tournament policies.

    Before the Tournament

    Videoconferencing Information

    Start of the Tournament

    Start of Each Game

    Just Before the First Game Actually Starts

    For the first round (and possibly other rounds that might have teams competing for the first time), once gameplay is about to begin…

    During Gameplay

    End of Each Game

    More Things to Know

    Please also read…

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