Resources for Hosting Tournaments

First and foremost, please remember that NAQT is always willing to provide advice on all aspects of running a tournament. Write to us at and we’ll be glad to help.

NAQT has collected a series of online resources to help schools host tournaments easily and efficiently:

Overall Process’s “How to Run a Quizbowl Tournament: A Guide”: A high school-focused guide.

Paul Lujan and Juliana Froggatt’s TD Guide: A comprehensive guide to hosting tournaments by two Berkeley alumni. Focused on college tournaments.

Inviting Teams

NAQT is happy to share its contact lists for tournaments on our questions. Write to if you want that!

Most open tournaments (at all levels) are announced on the Quizbowl Resource Center forums.

Making a Schedule

Information to Provide in Teams’ Folders

Hosts may want to provide teams and/or staff with copies of some or all of the following documents:

Staff Training

Keeping Statistics

More Resources

Do you know of a great resource that we haven’t listed? Let us know at!

Email us!