Become a Question Writer

During most summers, NAQT seeks question writers in all subject areas and all difficulty levels, though we are particularly in need of additional writers of middle school and high school questions. Previous experience writing questions in our style is helpful, but not necessary for acceptance.

In 2021–2022 we are paying up to $7.73 per tossup question and up to $5.98 per bonus question accepted by our editors for use in tournaments. The rate depends on the target difficulty of the question and the writer’s experience. Writers can also earn a bonus for writing consistently from week to week, leading to a maximum payment of $10.82 per tossup and $8.37 per bonus.

Writing for NAQT is the way many people enter the organization. Most of our current editors—and a number of our members—started out as writers for NAQT.

Applications from current college players are welcome; NAQT tracks the author of each submission to make sure writers do not hear their own questions at tournaments. College players may write for high school and middle school packet sets, and may also write college-level questions that will be stockpiled for later use. Applicants from people who are not current college players are also welcome, as long as they meet the following criteria.


It is expected that applicants will have experience playing or coaching quiz bowl. In general, successful applicants have had at least two years of experience as a player or coach.

NAQT has prepared answers to frequently asked questions about applying to write as well as a long article containing advice for applicants; we recommend reading it, but here are some highlights:

Send your questions as an unformatted text file or Word document to NAQT’s editors aim to review all submissions and respond with comments within 30 days.

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to contact us at