Team Pseudonym Policy

NAQT considers quiz bowl to be a competition among schools, and we want it perceived and presented as such. Thus, we generally require that teams compete under the names of their schools. However, we recognize that this may be difficult or impossible for teams in certain situations.

Our policies on teams playing in high school or middle school tournaments under pseudonyms are as follows:

For tournaments run under NAQT Eligibility Rules (including the HSNCT, SSNCT, and MSNCT):

For tournaments using NAQT questions but not NAQT Eligibility Rules:

The tournament director may set their own policy on the use of pseudonyms by teams and on related issues (such as whether pseudonymous teams are eligible for the playoffs or for scoring awards).

For all tournaments using NAQT questions:

Questions About the Pseudonym Policy?

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write to us at or call us at 888‑411‑6278 (“NAQT”).

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