Online Tournament Guide


This page of NAQT’s online tournament guide provides a high-level overview of how online tournaments should work. Individual tournament directors have considerable latitude to use different technologies and implement different policies, but NAQT believes that following this guide results in the best experience.

Overall, the individual games should operate very much like traditional, in-person quiz bowl: players form teams, there are tossups and bonuses, questions and answers are spoken, and so on. The biggest changes are things that will be done in advance: acquiring audio equipment, installing Zoom, and just getting comfortable with the new environment.

NAQT knows the early months of the competition year will be a learning experience for everybody, but we hope that most of this guide will seem like second nature by January.

If you are new to NAQT’s online tournament guide, we recommend moving on to our advice for people in specific roles (player, moderator, etc.) at tournaments.