Hosting High School Tournaments

NAQT provides questions for a number of different types of events for high school teams; please follow the link for the type of tournament that you are interested in hosting:

  • Standard, one-day tournament. This option includes all events that are played over the course of a single day (or perhaps a single weekend). It can include invitational events, conference championships, and so on.
  • Quiz bowl league. This option includes extended events in which a fixed list of teams (like those in a conference) play a few games per week.
  • Televised tournament. This option is for tournaments that will be broadcast by television, Internet, or radio. Since such tournaments typically require custom questions or other special handling, please e-mail to discuss your needs.

If the type of tournament about which you would like information is not listed, or you aren’t sure what you are interested in, please don’t hesitate to contact NAQT at