Electronic Practice Material Distribution

NAQT is pleased to announce that starting September 16, 2019 we will be taking orders to be fulfilled using a secure electronic distribution service, Locklizard. For now this is only for orders of practice material; in the future, we expect to also offer secure electronic delivery of tournament questions.

Orders will be delivered electronically to the recipient’s Study Library, where they can also access practice material they have previously ordered and questions from prior tournaments.

Practice materials will be accessible via the Locklizard software viewer, which is an application users will need to download and install, and via the Locklizard web viewer, which works within a web browser. Both viewers can be used on mobile devices. You may want to read the technical requirements and setup guide.

Electronic order fulfillment has several advantages:

Reliable, Rapid Shipping
Electronic order fulfillment will enable NAQT to deliver orders more efficiently and accurately. We expect to fulfill orders within three business days (from the order confirmation date).
Paper Reduction
Electronic order fulfillment will reduce the amount of paper required to run practices and study sessions.
Reduced Cost
The efficiency of electronic order fulfillment has enabled us to cut our practice-material prices by about 10% or more.
Permanent Library
Sometimes people lose part of a printed item, or lose large print archives during personnel changes. With electronic distribution there’s no danger of losing part of a file, or of a program losing access to files when an archivist leaves the program.
In addition, we plan to offer access to old licensed materials. This feature will not be immediately available, but we expect to have it ready by the end of 2019.
Environmental Impact
Reducing the number of printed copies and removing the need to transport physical copies to customers will reduce the overall environmental impact of quiz bowl.

Create a Locklizard Account — but first, Create an naqt.com account if you don’t have one

If you have any questions about secure electronic delivery, please contact us at edist@naqt.com.

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