Popular Culture and Sports Seasons


We run a year-long season focused on Popular Culture and a year-long season focused on Sports. Each season is 48 weeks, running from mid-January to mid-December. Each week is a ten-question game, available starting on Thursday and ending the following Tuesday night (U.S. Central time).

What are the games like?

Try some samples!

How do the results work?

Each weekly game has its own standings. There are also cumulative standings based on each player’s best 24 games, so by the end of the season, players who played all 48 games will be compared based on their above-median games, and everyone who played at least 24 games will have a full slate of games contributing to their cumulative standing.

There are also standings based on categories (e.g., baseball in the Sports season and film in the Popular Culture season). These are based on all games, not just the best 24 games.

For each question, the “best buzz” is listed—the earliest correct response on the question.

The Popular Culture and Sports seasons do not have divisions based on schooling level (or otherwise); all players are compared to all other players.

How can I play against my friends and family?

You can create a Buzzword league, which allows you to invite and compare your results to those of friends and family. Each league has its own leaderboards, sets of best buzzes, and so on. You can be a member of multiple leagues.

How much does it cost?

Each season costs $29. Single games cost $1. The cost of any number of games from the same season, registered for at the same time, is capped at $29; for example, if you start playing after week 10 for the last 38 games, the cost will be $29 rather than $38 as long as you register for all remaining games at the same time.

Can I start playing in the middle of the season?

Yes. You will be ranked in the cumulative standings based on your best (up to) 24 games, and your cost of registration will be $1 per game up to $29 (details in the previous question). Even if you start playing with fewer than 24 games left in the season, you can still place on the weekly leaderboards, try for best buzzes, and find your stride for the next season.

What kinds of questions will there be in the Sports season?

Each ten-question game will have approximately two questions each on baseball, basketball, and American football; two questions on Olympic sports, soccer, or hockey; one question on world sports (outside the United States and Canada); and one question on other sports (golf, tennis, cricket, etc.).

About half of the questions will be about sports topics from the last decade or so, while the other half can be from any time period.