Test Secure Electronic Delivery

NAQT uses secure electronic delivery for all practice-material orders, using Locklizard technology. This page provides access to test documents to ensure that you have the Locklizard Secure PDF File Viewer and the Locklizard Web Viewer installed correctly.

The test documents on this page will be useless to you until you have created a Locklizard account. (Note that you must already have an naqt.com account to create a Locklizard account.

Secure PDF Viewer

You can test whether the Secure Viewer is installed correctly by downloading this secured file. You may need to right-click (or control+click) on the link and choose “Save Link As” to avoid having the encrypted contents appear in your browser.

Web Viewer

Use this link to test the web viewer.


If you have technical or policy questions about viewing secured documents from NAQT, don’t hesitate to contact us at edist@naqt.com.