Sectional Championship Tournament Automatic Bids

Host schools that not only provide rooms but also assume responsibility for running and providing staff for a four-year NAQT Sectional Championship Tournament (SCT) will receive a Tier-3 invitation (“hosting autobid”) to the Intercollegiate Championship Tournament. (ICT). This reflects the fact that the school will not be able to field its strongest teams at the tournament (as its most experienced players will be helping to staff the event).

Unlike in past years, a school will get only a single bid, regardless of the number of teams it sent to the previous ICT.

By default, a school’s invitation will be for Division I. A host has until 24 hours after the completion of its SCT to notify NAQT that it wishes to switch its invitation to Division II. The number of hosts that may switch is limited, so requests will be honored on a first-come, first served basis. Hosts wishing to switch their division must do so by writing to

A Tier-3 invitation earned by hosting an SCT may be dissolved if the school enters a team that earns a Tier-1 (“top 20 teams by D-Value”) invitation at the buzzer. A host that wishes to send two teams to the ICT in the same division as its hosting bid must enter two teams and have them both perform well enough to earn an invitation.

In addition, a host that fails to run a satisfactory SCT may have its invitation annulled.

In unusual circumstances, NAQT may make alternate arrangements with schools to ensure a sufficient number of SCT hosts; these arrangements may include extra invitations or other inducements.

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