Reporting Results

All Tournaments

The vast majority of tournaments are subject to the reporting requirements for Invitational Tournaments, Conferences, and Leagues for Schools.

In addition, for all tournaments, NAQT requests that hosts notify of the following:

Invitational Tournaments, Conferences, and Leagues for Schools

NAQT wants to receive the following information. It should be sent to as soon as possible after the event ends.

NAQT charges an extra fee of $100 for tournaments, conferences, and leagues run on its questions that do not submit results within two weeks of the end of the event. The minimum information required to avoid this fee is as follows:

The aforementioned fee is for events using questions with NAQT’s standard base fee of $100. Events whose questions are priced differently may have different fees for not submitting results. The fee is reduced if the information is received but later than two weeks after the end of the event.

Sectional Championship Tournaments

Hosts running NAQT Sectional Championship Tournaments (SCTs, including Community College Sectional Championship Tournaments) are subject to additional reporting requirements. Within 72 hours of the end of the event, each host must provide a full statistics report, defined thus:

We strongly prefer that SCT hosts use the NAQT paper scoresheet or NAQT electronic scoresheet. If a host wishes to use a different electronic scorekeeping method, they must receive permission in advance from NAQT. Scoresheets must consist of a contemporaneous spreadsheet record of all relevant aspects of each game, including part-by-part bonus conversion. TJ Electronic Scoresheets is not an acceptable system.

Hosts must retain all scoresheets while results are being checked. After that (when NAQT so instructs), they must be sent to NAQT (by mail or electronically).

Statisticians are advised to read NAQT’s guidelines for using SQBS. Some of the points in that guide are made unnecessary by the use of the NAQT registration system, and others may not apply to YellowFruit.

Though not technically part of reporting results, hosts of four-year SCTs have until 24 hours after the conclusion of their event to switch their Tier-3 hosting autobid from Division I to Division II. The number of hosts that are allowed to switch their bid is limited, and requests will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis.


No results need to be reported from intramural tournaments.


For other tournaments, such as those for individual players or teams that don’t have to be from schools, requirements may vary. Please discuss your plans with us at