Reporting Results


NAQT requests, but does not require, that hosts report any interesting or extraordinary circumstances that arise, such as extremely offensive behavior by teams or difficult protests. NAQT also requests that hosts forward information about any erroneous or misleading questions found in the set. Such information should be sent to

NAQT strongly encourages the use of SQBS, a software program that makes organizing the information relatively easy.

Invitational Tournaments, Conferences, and Leagues for Schools

NAQT offers a $50 discount for reporting results from tournaments, conferences, and leagues run on its questions.

The following are required to claim the discount:

To make it easier for hosts to report these results, NAQT offers a template for entering game results, and also offers a guide to using SQBS (a quiz bowl statistics program). These are merely suggestions; hosts may report the results in any reasonable fashion they choose, as long as the data described above are provided.

The discount can be refunded as a check, used to purchase practice material, or be applied to future orders. The discount will be reduced to $25 if the results are provided more than two weeks after the end of the tournament.

The amounts quoted are for events using questions with NAQT’s standard base fee of $85. Events whose questions are priced differently may have different results discount amounts.

Sectional Championship Tournaments

Hosts running NAQT Sectional Championship Tournaments (including Community College Sectional Championship Tournaments) must report the following statistics via email to Hosts of other NAQT events are strongly encouraged to follow these guidelines; details on the minimal requirements for such hosts are below.

Within 24 hours of the completion of the event…
the host must report each competing team’s division, school, team designator if applicable (“A,” “B,” etc.), number of games won and lost (with specification of how many of each, if any, were by forfeit), and order of finish. For Division I collegiate tournaments, the undergraduate status of each team must be reported as well.
Within three days of the completion of the event…
the host must report full team statistics for each team, including the above information as well as the name and contact information for the coach or other official team representatives, total points scored, total power tossups, total “regular” (non-power) tossups, total interrupts (“negs”), and total tossups heard. In addition, the host must submit a brief, but complete, description of the format used including the field’s division into pools and the results of any tiebreaker matches or criteria used to decide playoff spots or rebracketing. If any games were accidentally played on a packet from the wrong division, that must also be reported at this time.
Within seven days of the completion of the event…
the host must report full individual statistics. This means that for each match, the final score (and teams) must be reported along with the round number in which the match took place and the number of tossups read, and for each player in the match, the following must be submitted: full name, team played for, number of tossups heard, number of power tossups, number of “regular” (non-power) tossups, and number of interrupts. We also request (but do not require) each player’s year in school. Hosts must use SQBS for this report.

In reporting team and individual statistics, include all details of overtime and tiebreaker matches, being sure to note if any tiebreaker matches were half-games.

Though not technically part of reporting results, hosts of SCTs have until 24 hours after the conclusion of their event to switch their Tier-3 hosting autobid from Division I to Division II. The number of hosts that are allowed to switch their bid is limited, and requests will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis.


No results need to be reported from intramural tournaments.


For other tournaments, such as those for individual players or teams that don’t have to be from schools, requirements may vary. Please discuss your plans with us at