Sectional Championship Tournament Guest Editors

In some years, NAQT invites experienced players from the collegiate quiz bowl community to serve as guest editors on one or both of the sets for its Sectional Championship Tournaments (SCTs). Such guest editors work closely with NAQT’s question-production staff to ensure the best possible packets.

Players who have received this honor in the recent past include Trevor Davis, Richard Yu, Matt Bollinger, Andrew Hart, John Lawrence, and Seth Teitler. Andrew and Seth have gone on to become members of NAQT.

Guest editors may not participate in that year’s SCTs, but may participate in that year’s Intercollegiate Championship Tournament and subsequent years’ SCTs. NAQT has controls in place to track which ultimately unused questions a guest editor has seen, so they can be excluded from other sets.

A guest editor’s school will receive an invitation to that year’s Division I ICT. Unlike (some) automatic bids earned by SCT hosts, this invitation is not dissolved if other teams from the same school qualify for the ICT at the buzzer.

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