U.S.-China Exhibition Event

Date: Friday, August 20, 2021
Questions: IS-199-AS (shares with IS-199)
China Red U.S. Red China Blue U.S. Blue TeamW–L%PointsTUHPP20TUH
1 Beijing Huijia Private (Bejing, China)0–50.0%1655066.00
1 Tsinglan School (Dongguan, Guangdong, China)0–50.0%955038.00
1 Nanjing FLS (Jiangsu, China)0–50.0%705028.00
1 Beijing Foreign Languages (China)0–50.0%405016.00
1 Jinan Foreign (Shandong, China)0–50.0%0200.00
1 Raleigh Charter (North Carolina)5–0100.0%125540627.50
1 Dunbar (Lexington, Kentucky)5–0100.0%144050576.00
1 Baker (Mobile, Alabama)5–0100.0%97540487.50
1 Tower Hill (Wilmington, Delaware)5–0100.0%118550474.00
1 Athens (Alabama)5–0100.0%57040285.00
1 International Department of Beijing No. 2 School (China)2–340.0%34550138.00
1 Shanghai-Alcanta-Beijing (China)2–340.0%32050128.00
3 RDFZ Chaoyang (Beijing, China)1–420.0%1205048.00
4 Shenzhen CIE (Guangdong, China)0–50.0%24540122.50
4 Suzhou-Beijing-Chongqing-SCNU (China)0–50.0%605024.00
1 Hoover (Alabama)5–0100.0%131550526.00
1 Detroit Catholic Central (Novi, Michigan)5–0100.0%116050464.00
1 Overlake (Redmond, Washington)5–0100.0%80050320.00
4 Alma Bryant (Irvington, Alabama)3–260.0%35550142.00
5 Conway (Missouri)2–340.0%32050128.00

Explanation of Statistics

Confused about all these statistics? We’ve prepared an overview.