Changes for 2023–2024

NAQT has made a number of changes to its rules and policies for the 2023–2024 season:

Gameplay Rules

We made the following changes to the NAQT Gameplay Rules (highlighted on the page):

There are some additional minor changes that are not listed here but are highlighted on the Rules page.

We also made some adjustments to the rules for the Individual Player National Championship Tournament, all of which codify existing practice rather than making substantive changes.

Hosting Policies

We have codified existing practice by adding the following to our hosting policies:

Hosts must not publicly post (or otherwise make widely available) scoresheets, category statistics, “advanced” statistics, or other results beyond what NAQT posts on its website without permission in advance from NAQT. Such data may be shared with coaches and players of teams in attendance provided that those people agree not to distribute them further.

Hosts are no longer permitted to retain an (unprotected) electronic copy of questions from their tournament. They may retain printed copies, and electronic access will (generally) be granted via the Study Library.

Eligibility Rules

We have made the following changes to the various eligibility rules (Middle School, High School, Community College, and Collegiate):

Correctness Guidelines

We made the following changes to the Correctness Guidelines (highlighted on the page):


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