2018 Cyber Monday Sale

NAQT’s 2018 Cyber Monday sale will run from Monday, November 26, through Friday, November 30. Every customer ordering $150 or more worth of practice material during that period will receive a free Thumbs Up! for Geography study guide. These geography guides are newly released to accompany this sale.

To claim the free guide, just place an order using NAQT’s website; if you reach the $150 threshold, you’ll be prompted to choose a free study guide to add to your order. If you need to place your order by email, fax, or phone, provide a note, and we will add the free study guide during processing.

Shipping and tax do not count toward the $150 threshold.

These new geography study guides are part of NAQT’s series of Thumbs Up! study material targeting specific subjects allowing players to focus on the areas they find most interesting … or in which their team needs the most help!

Like most of NAQT’s Thumbs Up! offerings, there are separate geography study guides for each of four levels of play: middle school, introductory high school, (regular) high school, and advanced high school. Each guide contains three packets of 30 tossups and 30 bonuses and costs $15 (this price includes standard shipping within the U.S.).

If you have any questions about NAQT’s study material, please write to orders@naqt.com.