Heart of Illinois Scholastic Bowl

Date: January 11, 2018 – February 24, 2018
Location: Blue Ridge High School (Farmer City, IL)
Sponsor: Heart of Illinois Conference (IL)
Scoring Rules: IHSA 2012-13 to present

This tournament has not yet finished.

Varsity (2017-2018 IHSA 1-24, IS-167A)

TBD TBD Fisher11–0100.0%2880220314.18
TBD TBD Blue Ridge10–190.9%2940220320.73
TBD TBD Fieldcrest10–190.9%2790220304.36
TBD TBD Tri-Valley9–281.8%2770220302.18
TBD TBD Deer Creek-Mackinaw6–554.5%1820220198.55
TBD TBD El Paso-Gridley5–645.5%2010220219.27
TBD TBD Eureka4–544.4%1770180236.00
TBD TBD Ridgeview4–640.0%1550200186.00
TBD TBD Lexington4–640.0%1470200176.40
TBD TBD Tremont3–633.3%1530180204.00
TBD TBD LeRoy3–827.3%2160220235.64
TBD TBD Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley2–918.2%1550220169.09
TBD TBD Heyworth2–918.2%1290220140.73
TBD TBD Flanagan-Cornell1–109.1%89022097.09

Junior Varsity (IS-167A, IS-169A)

TBD Eureka JV7–0100.0%2020140346.29
TBD Tri-Valley JV9–190.0%2410200289.20
TBD Lexington JV4–266.7%990120198.00
TBD Fieldcrest JV5–362.5%1220160183.00
TBD LeRoy JV6–460.0%1420200170.40
TBD Deer Creek-Mackinaw JV5–455.6%1180180157.33
TBD Blue Ridge JV4–640.0%1390200166.80
TBD Flanagan-Cornell JV3–537.5%780160117.00
TBD El Paso-Gridley JV3–633.3%1110180148.00
TBD Tremont JV2–528.6%720140123.43
TBD Fisher JV2–820.0%1280200153.60
TBD Ridgeview JV1–712.5%750160112.50
TBD Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley JV     
TBD Heyworth JV     

Explanation of Statistics

Confused about all these statistics? We’ve prepared an overview.